Rants and Raves | Dec. 8, 2021

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Biden warns Putin against Ukraine invasion – Wow! I bet Putin is really shaking in his boots; this warning from a man who has consistently said one thing over the last year only to quickly change it to the exact opposite. Biden is scarier than Putin.

Local leaders ranter – Sounds like our LA transplant should move back to LA to escape the Republican cult here in Kingman. Tell us how it works out in the your blue socialist/communist state. Oh wait, you moved here to escape that!

Local leaders ranter – We retired here from California. We came to escape the liberal, socialist CA government. Arizona is a better place to live because of a more conservative view. CA would welcome you back; they miss your tax money.

Local leaders ranter – To the person that retired from LA that doesn’t like Republicans. Just think that a Democrat built the LA that is a zoo. Do you think they wouldn’t do the same here? If you like Democrat cities move back to Cali.

Mohave Museum of History and Arts presents 40th annual Christma Program – I attended this “super-spreader” as some referred to it and had a wonderful time. No one wore masks, the sing-along was wonderful and it was so nice seeing the Hull sisters exhibit their talent and remembering their wonderful mother, Wanda, our Home Economics teacher.

Rayna Castillo letter: Back the Build Back Better bill – Housing insecurity is the government’s responsibility? Used to be, you got a second job, the stay-at- home wife started selling Fuller Brush, or whatever it took. My family, every other Saturday, shot quail and cottontail to supplant our food.

If all of the laws and ordinances that are enforced in Kingman were written on one side of a 3”-x-3” Post-it Note, there would be room left over.

Kingman leads Mohave County with 107 new COVID-19 cases – Keep having lots of events and parties and keep this plague spreading until the new variant arrives, and then we can have massive suffering and deaths! Get vaccinated people, and mask. Try to save lives for Christmas this year!

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