Rants and Raves | Dec. 10, 2021

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The sound of the ice cream truck going through the neighborhood always gives a lift to my spirit. I’m so glad they have finally returned.

I look forward to your newspaper. You are all doing a great job. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on all happenings local and national.

Helen Jo Bolger White obituary – Rest in peace, my lifelong friend. I don’t go far down memory lane until I run into you and our memories. You didn’t wait long to join Dennis where you both are embracing your Traci. Until later brave, lady.

Ray White letter: Kudos to Gosar – Count me in. Gosar gets my total support no matter how hard the left is working to take him down. Thank you, Paul Gosar!

Ken McLaughlin letter: Thanks, Preston Family – Ditto! Wonderful that the Prestons do this for our town. Grandkids love it. In contrast, so sorry a hateful man burned down the Fox Network’s beautiful Christmas tree in New York City where my other grandkids live. He’s caught!

Nine dead, 279 infected by COVID-19 in Mohave County – I understand folks want things to be festive for the holidays, But, all these gatherings and ignoring the virus just increases infections and deaths. Please get vaccinated, mask and reduce big gatherings. Give the gift of life this Christmas!

Enough with the trucks – Semis everywhere. These trucks are a real problem. They snarl traffic on Stockton Hill, travel all over residential streets and park anywhere they want.

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