Diet Center holiday diet tip: Busy, busy, busy

Eunice Mesick

Eunice Mesick

For most people this is a very busy time of year.

Hi, this is Eunice from Diet Center.

You might be thinking “Let me get through the holidays and then I will think what I need to do to lose weight then.”

I have three things for us to think about that can help during busy times.

– Apples

– Sleep

– Routine

A study in Washington state showed that eating an apple with each meal helps people to lose weight. Over a three-month period, 346 people ate a balanced meal, exercised regularly and consumed an apple with every meal. Each person lost an average of 17 pounds! Healthy food choices and exercise helped contribute to the weight loss. However, part of the quick loss is also attributed to the fiber rich apple, with about 5 grams per serving. Consuming an apple with each meal helps people feel fuller and curbs appetite to prevent overeating.

Losing sleep can slow down weight loss. A lack of sleep has been found to increase the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released by the body in response to stress. High levels of this hormone affect the appetite by increasing hunger and promoting binging.

Also, a lack of sleep may prevent your body from burning carbohydrates efficiently, leading to increased fat storage. So, work on fitting plenty of sleep in your schedule. A good night’s sleep will help with weight loss.

Learning new behaviors may seem difficult at first, but eventually you’ll get used to the routine. Routines can have a lot of advantages. For example, once you’ve adjusted to a routine eating schedule, you should find it easier to stick to your program. You should find you won’t need to spend as much time planning and worrying about what you’re going to eat.

A routine can also help reduce stress by keeping our lives organized. For example, you shouldn’t find yourself running around trying to get your work done, get the household chores done and prepare meals when you have a good routine schedule.

Once you have an established routine, it should be easier to determine areas that could use improvement. Maybe you find wasted time being sedentary that could be spent exercising. Or maybe you find that your routine does not allow enough time for lunch, in which case, you could try to make more time for lunch or make healthy, convenient choices. For example, maybe you only have time for a Diet Center Meal Replacement Bar or Drink instead of picking up fast food.

Be patient as you develop a routine that works for you. It will help make it easier to stick to your plan and shed the pounds.

Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week. If you have weight loss goals that you just can’t quite achieve on your own, let Diet Center help you. Call 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave. in Kingman.

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