Rants and Raves | Dec. 15, 2021

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Basketball hoops on sidewalks, trash cans on sidewalks, vehicles parked on sidewalks. Handicapped folks must walk around these obstacles. Neighborhood Services needs to be enforcing regulations and respond to phone calls.

Electric scooters coming to Kingman? – Electric scooters will not be cost-effective in Kingman. There is not a big-enough market. Whatever concessions Kingman needs to make is going to come back and bite us. It’s chasing a fool’s dream.

Electric scooters coming to Kingman? – Scooters? Really? I can just see my 70-year-old granny – who needs better public transport when me and mom aren’t available – using this to get to the doctor.

COVID kills 24 more county residents, including 16 from the Kingman area – In two days! Wake up and do your part! Get vaccinated, mask, and stop having large, public events. How many lives must be sacrificed until the Travis, Ron and Hildy show recognize reality, and show real leadership combating this menace?

Luis Vega’s Mohave County Geology: Faults – making a clean break – I read Luis Vega’s articles in detail every time they appear. It’s one of the main reasons I subscribe to the paper. Please encourage him to continue his educational theme.

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