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Wed, June 29

Community View | Virus letter gets under reader’s skin

In response to the letter on Dec. 8, “All About Viruses,” I am offended by some of the statements made by Andy Worth.

I have worked in health care for about 30 years – two of which were in prison hospitals, five as a contractor and 23 as an employee of two hospitals.

I used to take the flu vaccine, but I always had mild symptoms from it. My son, also in health care, has more severe symptoms, requiring days off due to swelling of his lymph nodes.

About 17 years ago, I stopped taking the flu vaccine. Since then, I have never had a flue vaccine, nor have I had the flu. It is more about hygiene, personal protective gear and not breathing close to others. (Turn your head, cover your mouth, hold your breath, whatever is necessary. It works.)

I take offense at the false, condescending, inflammatory and belittling “slept through seventh-grade science class” comment; and even more so by the “COVID anti-vaxers are by default pro-polio, pro-small pox (all childhood diseases) and anti-science ...” comments. I feel I am well-educated in science, physics, physiology and health. I am not anti-vax because I am against just certain vaccinations. (Especially, when COVID vaccines are not truly vaccines.)

Has Andy actually done any study of the vaccines? Does he know the difference between variants of the same strain (there are thousands of COVID variants) and different strains?

He tries to “prove” the disease would be gone if everyone got vaccinated; but we know this to be wrong. This is not how a vaccine works. A vaccine is supposed to improve your immune system to fight the disease more quickly than it otherwise would. Our bodies would do this naturally; but, with some diseases, it may be too slow or too weak of a response. That’s why and how a vaccine works. It prepares us to fight off the disease when we get it. But, we can still get it, and we can still spread it.

Andy tries to imply the virus would not adapt were everyone to be vaccinated, but the variants are adaptations and are found in the vaccinated.

It is unfair to label unvaccinated people as uneducated and as the “cause” of the spread. I suspect many of the unvaccinated are highly informed, as am I.

More of the unvaccinated are tested and forced to wear masks, while vaccinated people are allowed to go untested and unmasked. Which do you think are really the spreaders? Those who test negative and wear a mask, or those untested and uncovered? If it was truly about stopping the spread, everyone would be frequently tested and would be masked.

(Robert Sayre is a resident of Kingman.)

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