Rants and Raves | Dec. 22, 2021

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Andy Worth letter: All about viruses – Dig deeper. More have died this year under Biden than last year. Millions live through corona and are fine. Children rarely get it, rarely die of it, and in my opinion need no vaccines. This is a Biden power grab.

Joining Drag Queens on TV costs Indiana pastor his job – This Methodist pastor sure doesn’t know his Bible very well as in Romans where God plainly states women sleeping with women, men with men, doing that which is unseemly (and much more said) are an abomination to God.

State health officials say COVID killed 17 more Mohave County residents – What kind of cowardice, or ignorance, does it take to see your fellow Americans and neighbors die needlessly – more than 1,000 every day – and refuse to roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated to save lives? Get some true patriotism!

Kingman Airport receives $32,000 federal grant – Paul Gosar getting credit for the Kingman Airport grant? He didn’t even vote for it. The American Rescue Plan was passed with Democratic votes only; not a single Republican vote.

Biden visiting Kentucky to console victims, bring aid – Nothing deters the left from attributing every weather event to climate change. They need these catastrophic events to push their left-wing utopia and nothing pushes it more than Biden’s outrageous Build Back Better boondoggle that will destroy us.

$2T bill stalled, Senate Democrats ready to move on – Wouldn’t it make sense to find out if all our elected officials have even read this whopping bill? Most have no clue the horrible things in it. The more I study it, the more I am in disbelief. It’s disastrous.

Fired Senate staffer to sue Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs – So many negative articles on Katie Hobbs. Why no reports on Andy Biggs’ and Paul Gosar’s activities on or near Jan. 6? Seems we need some details about them to determine if they are good or bad guys.

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