Rants and Raves | Dec. 29, 2021

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Police enforcement: The “no parking” signs at the corner of Stockton Hill Road and Hillcrest Drive are not working. The truck drivers are just ignoring them. We need enforcement by the police. Also, more police presence on Stockton Hill Road is needed. Most motorists are doing 50 mph, others 20 mph.

Michale Pacer community view: Make the Chinese communists pay – I couldn’t agree more with the writer. We make them pay by doing what Trump started; bringing manufacturing back to the United States and putting “Made in America” on the products instead of “Made in China by forced slavery.”

Fielder named acting Mohave County Treasurer – It is not often that I agree with our board of supervisors, but in this case I do. Choosing an interim treasurer who is not running for office in 2022 is 100% the correct choice. This ensures a fair election in 2022.

Affordable rentals – There is a serious lack of affordable rentals in this town. And businesses wonder why they can’t find workers here? People aren’t going to work where they can’t find an affordable place to live.

Many residents in Kingman depend on Social Security and Medicare. Yet I hear many rail against Democrats and accuse them of socialism. These programs were given to the people by Democrats. And they are social programs. It makes no sense.

Thank you for the information on COVID for your town and other surrounding towns. And thank you for honest journalism. Seems like the other papers want to pretend there is no such thing.

Highway 93 – I have traveled this road for 41 years. It is very rare that I witness any patrolling by the Department of Public Safety. Now with all the recent accidents they have finally come to the epiphany that we need enforcement on this highway.

Reduction in COVID reporting – Do the Mohave County Supervisors who wish to suppress information about COVID-19 understand the cases are still occurring, people are still dying, and our hospitals and medical professions are just as overwhelmed! Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it disappear. It makes it worse!

Thank you to all law enforcement officers. I saw a LEO use a squad car to keep a cow off the freeway on Christmas and it made me think of all the LEOs we take for granted. Here, here!

The onset of socialism: Mohave County Supervisors table vote on applying for federal emergency rental assistance program – If you’re looking to the federal government for rental assistance, that is socialism.

The onset of socialism: Mohave County Supervisors table vote on applying for federal emergency rental assistance program – Keeping families from being put out on the street in winter during a pandemic is Common Decency - not socialism! Ron Gould, anti-government ideologue, should be ashamed; those federal funds are our tax dollars coming back to help our communities!

Don Martin outdoors columns – Keep them coming. I love reading about the hunt. There is so much going into the hunt to bag the animal. The only problem I have with it is all the help the person gets to bag it.

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