Rants and Raves | Jan. 2, 2022

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Census may have missed 48K in Arizona – A census is a “count,” a number. “How many in your household” is the only proper question. Any other question fails the constitutional test and should not be asked. Making the census compliant with the Constitution would cause fewer undercounts.

Kingman residents – To the individual that replied about people who depend on Social Security and Medicare. Get used to people here complaining about anything and everything Democrats have done or do, as they only believe Republicans do everything right and nothing wrong.

COVID-19 claims lives of 23 Kingman-area residents – We are up to a 2.9% death rate, and Omicron is not even here yet! Please be a patriot, and do your share to save lives and prevent spreading the virus. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash hands, avoid crowds.

Cydni Pitcock letter: Make the Child Tax Credit permanent – Maybe having five kids you can’t support and a husband in jail creates a problem for some. Maybe they should think about those things and prepare for them. Don’t expect the government to support your family.

Robert Sayre Community View: Virus letter gets under reader’s skin – Know what gets under my skin? People who stubbornly cling to false information and ideologies while we are watching people die unnecessarily! We should all be doing everything possible to slow the spread of this virus and save lives.

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