Rants and Raves | Feb. 3, 2021

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City of Kingman sets Bingo night – Attended Bingo night. Tables distanced, and called separately for dinner. Staff was super, followed guidelines and were masked at all times. A big thank you for providing the community with this opportunity.

Kingman’s ‘Social Contact Club’: Freedom is their religion – Gee, sounds just like a Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting without half the fun and you have to pay to get in.

Kingman’s ‘Social Contact Club’: Freedom is their religion – I really don’t care if you all get COVID by flaunting public health common sense in your “social non-distancing club” But I do strongly object to the subsequent potential for infecting myself and others in your community! Irresponsible and dangerous!

The City of Kingman is letting Santa Fe 3759/Locomotive Park rust away. I have reached out and been rejected many times by city officials. Noticed the park has become a homeless hangout. The city simply does not care about its history.

Why do out-of-staters feel they don’t have to obey local traffic laws? I constantly see cars with out-of-state plates – California, Texas, Nevada – making illegal U-turns on Stockton Hill Road. Also, same drivers that are still on their cellphones, too.

City of Kingman disconnects 100 water customers – Water bill’s past due over $700 and you cry foul? You are not the victim! Take some ownership and contact the city. I worked in collections, cooperated and appreciated contact from a past-due customer. Start an emergency fund.

For all you former President Trump haters… Buckle up and watch this country go down in flames with the idiot you put in the White House.

Please, will someone please take Biden’s pens and pencils away and hide them so he will quit signing everything that’s put in front of him.

Biden rant – Hey Joe, 75 million of us voted for Trump. Hey Trump, 81,268,757 of us voted for Biden.

Go back to California rant – Throughout history, this nation was built on immigration and migration. Most of California’s population came from other states. Change and growth can be a good thing. Isolation leads to stagnation. We can find common ground. Let’s talk, not hate.

Bruce Joffe letter: End the filibuster, now – A 60-vote Senate is undemocratic. There are 100 senators. The majority is 51. Democracy means the majority vote moves the bill to the president’s desk. End the filibuster now.

On a recent Basha’s run it was sad to see many seniors in the store with no masks.

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