Rants and Raves | Feb. 5, 2021

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Public Health Director: Vaccines, patience in ‘short supply’ – A big part of the problem is they have only used 60% of the vaccines allocated! Don’t hold back any. Get it out there and we will receive more!

I am really tired of being lectured by Democrats and their accomplices about what “Democracy” is and that everyone, including non-citizens, should have a voice only to be censored. Democracy only works when all points of view are heard.

Public Health Director: Vaccines, patience in ‘short supply’ – “I think Arizona should receive half of Wyoming’s allotment.” Yes, and half of Montana and California’s allotment, too. Check out the license plates of the cars waiting in line for COVID shots at Mohave County locations!

Public Health Director: Vaccines, patience in ‘short supply’ – Money before locals. Shame on you that support snowbirds (getting vaccines) before permanent residents. You can’t go get a vaccine in Wyoming, and most other states, if you aren’t a resident, even if you contribute to their winter sports economies.

Public Health Director: Vaccines, patience in ‘short supply’ – Snowbirds before residents? Hey, Gov. Ducey, you should be fired for allowing this and the way you have handled COVID. From full-blown Republican seniors who’ve lived here all our lives and are 65-plus: Permanent residents before snowbirds!

Kingman’s ‘Social Contact Club’: Freedom is their religion – “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” – Groucho Marx

Butch Meriwether’s “Butch’s Brew” blog post: Are we honestly alone? – I can’t disagree much with Butch’s blog. It’s just that I happened to watch “Close encounters of the fifth kind” yesterday, a documentary produced last year highlighting a group contacting aliens through “conscientiousness.” An interesting watch.

Many Kingman businesses continue to require masks. Is there a plan to boycott those businesses?

Democrats make case for impeachment conviction – Sorry, no conviction. Trump out of office, can’t impeach. Dems are terrified Trump could run again and win, and then out what is really behind all of this (Hillary, Obama, fake FISA, etc.)

Maricopa County still refusing demand by Arizona Senate on election – If everything was legit, why would they not comply to remove all doubt? Now they could be facing jail time. Maybe a couple of weeks in general population will change their minds.

No Kingman mask mandate? Many businesses require customers to wear a mask, and they have a legal right to do this. Recalling the mayor does not make Kingman mask-free.

Why is it every time a Republican president is in office the national debt goes up and Republican Congress members don’t have a problem with it? But when a Democrat is president they’re suddenly concerned about national debt.

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