Rants and Raves | Feb. 7, 2021

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Arizona pushes wide-ranging school voucher bill – Say no to vouchers; no to privatizing schools. Those dollars come from the public school budgets. Strong public education benefits everyone, especially the working class! These bills are the slippery slope to privatization. Just say no!

9 more Mohave County residents die from COVID-19 – Feb. 2-3 county reports 22 more dead from COVID-19. We are not getting a handle on this virus, folks, and it’s time for all residents to do their part, no matter what they believe! Masks, hands, distance!

U.S. races to detect mutant viruses – Keep the border closed. That will help immensely in slowing down the spread of the virus. Biden is crazy to open our borders at such a time as this but rails at Trump?

Call to the Public – The call to the public at board of supervisors meetings has regressed to an attempt at shaming some board members because they choose to wear masks.Thankfully, we still have a few clear cut, logical, common sense Republicans on the board.

Bruce Joffe letter: End the Senate filibuster now – Which Trump crisis do you refer to, sir? Best economy in 50 years, brought Israel and Middle East together, rebuilt military, Space Force, first-time energy independence, border crisis livable, finally; ISIS defeated, North Korean missile shots stopped, lowered taxes?

Bruce Joffe letter: End the Senate filibuster now – YES!

Arizona Reps. Gosar, Biggs, Lesko and Schweikert are an embarrassment. They chose to vote for a conspiracist who threatens and harasses a school-shooter survivor as well as Democrats.

Biden discusses COVID aid with Democrats; wants fast action – So Joe’ll find a way to go the nearly $2 trillion alone, minus Republicans? Why not? He is ruining the country, destroying Trump’s MAGA with pen strokes.

Michael Reagan column: Scary times for Conservatives – Michael Reagan sees socialism hiding behind everything! The truth is the American economy and the working class have always flourished under Democratic leadership, and that is a fact that history has proven. Let’s help President Biden do his job.

U.S. ends deal with Arizona on immigration – The power hungry Biden administration should scare hell out of every American that loves this country. Putting America last rather than Trump’s America First, Biden and friends care nothing about the upcoming mayhem, drugs, drownings, murders. We must oppose this.

I’m really tired of being lectured by Democrats rant – I am really tired of being lectured by the GOP.

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