Rants and Raves | Feb. 10, 2021

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Street Drags returning in 2021 – I want to comment before the bummers comment. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! WHOOPIE! WHOOPIE! WHOPIEEEEE! They’re back.

NAFD new fire station, $2 million and still looks like a hay barn. See what $2 million can buy. Our tax dollars at work. Good job.

Sales up at ArtHub – Glad to hear the gallery sales are doing well. Unfortunately, what started as a community art gallery is now a fine arts gallery. Guess we were unable to appreciate art without curators and other connections telling us what is worthy.

In-person school – I resigned teaching after years of being treated horribly and being stressed to the point of health problems. Good luck finding quality educators to stick around long when right-wingers blame all of society’s ills on them and parents don’t parent.

Christine Flowers column: Why I have a problem with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments – On Jan. 6 Trump supporters tried to take over the government by force. People died. Any congressional member or staff has a right to feel terrified and to remember other times they felt that way. This column was hate speech.

Christine Flowers column: Why I have a problem with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments – This columnist is not an expert on sexual assault. The Miner could have used the space to have a real expert talk about PTSD. This was a political rant disguised as a professional, expert addressing a sensitive issue.

Mohave County geology: Concentrate – Luis Vega! I am so glad you did not get fired years ago. Your knowledge and expertise about mining are explained so very well in your articles. Keep up the good work my friend!

Close the border rant – A rant claims closing our border with Mexico will help stop the virus. It sure would help Mexico.

U.S. races to detect virus mutations – The way to prevent variants and mutations is to get the number of infections down. That is scientific fact. And how do we do that? Masking, hand washing, social distancing and limiting large gatherings. We can all make a difference!

Fox’s Lou Dobbs Tonight canceled! Here comes Big Brother! Communism is alive and well in Biden’s America. Leftists are destroying America.

Maricopa County asks court to quash state Senate subpoena – TRUMP LOST, and if our state Legislature and the GOP doesn’t stop the BS they will never win another election

The Weeknd performing at Super Bowl – I watched and it was so “underwhelming,” I switched to Levin interviewing Thomas Sowell. That was right after the Weeknd marchers appeared like totalitarian North Koreans or Chinese. Pre-game, Miley promised to show parts she hadn’t before. That’s impossible!

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