Rants and Raves | Feb. 12, 2021

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KRMC opens new emergency department entrance – God bless and good luck with that. You certainly needed more room, it’s beautiful and I thank all of the hard workers there, many of whom have taken care of me during this past year from hell. Stay safe!

NAFD new fire station rant – While you are whining about the expense of the new station, our brave firefighters were saving a woman’s life! Worth every penny! And thank you, firefighters, for all you do every day, despite ungrateful folks who just don’t get it.

Mohave County mulls marijuana law; delays action for a month – Residents of Mohave County and state voted in favor of recreational legalization of marijuana by approximately 75% – a large majority. WHY are county officials attempting to derail the will of the people when it was clear voters approved?

Mohave County mulls marijuana law; delays action for a month – The county has had over three month to mull over these regulations. Enough shuffling of the feet and denying jobs.

Not a second to spare: KFD produces video of rescue – We are fortunate to have a wonderful fire department we know we can depend on, These guys are heroes! To save one life is to save the world. They deserve thanks and praise. Well done!

Kingman man arrested after driving 100 mph while fleeing from police – Why can’t this man speed? It’s his “constitutional” right to pursue his happiness by speeding, right? Of course not! That’s as unfounded as people ignoring mask rules because it violates what? Their right to spread a deadly virus?

Chris Meisenheimer letter: Voting is vital to democracy – Absolutely! HR 1 will strengthen and protect voting rights for ALL Americans! Let your congressman know you support it!

Judge refuses to block Arizona education tax – Good decision. C’mon people, we need to invest in our kids’ futures. If we don’t have quality schools we will all be losers in the end.

Christine Flowers column: My problem with AOC’s comments – Traumatic experiences are known to trigger past traumas. Writer of this column needs to dig deep for compassion and empathy for anyone who has experienced trauma and abuse. Miss Ocasio-Cortez deserves our compassion and empathy.

Joe Guzzardi column: $15 wage hurts vulnerable workers – That has been proven UNTRUE! Every state that has raised the minimum wage to $15 thrived and GREW! COVID-19 hurt everyone, but money in the pockets of working class folks is spent in local economies. Common sense.

Maricopa County wants court to quash subpoena for ballots – Not so fast, Maricopa County. We know there was an election called too early from Phoenix and something very fishy going on as reported by those working there. What are you hiding? We the people have a right to know.

Trump lawyers blast impeachment as political theater – The assault on our Capitol was an act of insurrection fueled by the lies of a would-be autocrat in which five people died, two more officers died after the fact, and 57 officers were injured. This is justice, not theater!

Trump lawyers blast impeachment as political theater – Being a law-abiding Republican I have to say the Capitol riot was terrible. Yet anybody can get caught in the heat of a moment. Take responsibility without blaming Trump. It’s like saying spoons make you fat!

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