Rants and Raves | Feb. 14, 2021

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Hospitalizations at half of pandemic peak – Thank you, nurses and doctors and support staff at Kingman Regional Medical Center. I know personnel was redeployed from various areas to help deal with COVID. COVID is real. Those of us who support your efforts wear masks, socially distance and act responsibly.

Sales up at ArtHub despite pandemic – Art heals and brings beauty to our communities. Artists are sharing their God-given talents to bring us together. We learn more about what it means to create and be creative. Buying art is an investment in the artist.

County mulls marijuana regulations, delays action for another month – We shouldn’t be surprised that Mohave County is blocking marijuana sales. The Republicans don’t care what the people want. If they don’t agree with something they try to overturn it. Look at Trump maintaining he won.

William Ressegue letter: Don’t forget about the national debt – Crony capitalism seems to work well for Republicans as well as Democrats. Why don’t we try to come together as AMERICANS instead of blindly following party doctrine. Our first concern should be to conquer COVID.

Will someone please tell the Democrats that honest gun owners are not the enemy.

William Ressegue letter: Don’t forget about the national debt – As Biden’s term begins we will now start hearing about the national debt and how we need to reign in spending. In the four years Trump was in office, national debt increased $7.8 trillion dollars. Give me a break.

Arizona Senate OKs measure targeting governor’s power – The Republican Party under Kelli Ward has lost its mind. The governor (any governor – Republican or Democrat) must have the power to act in an emergency. I’m not a Ducey fan but he acted to save lives.

Anyone filled up with gas lately? Prices up roughly a nickel a day. Do the math and you’ll have an idea what the price might be come 1-1-22. Sure makes you glad that we voted for Biden and the Democrats.

So China Joe gave the Red Chinese total access to our power grid. Add to that academia, banking, imports and soon all of our farm land. Just what do Democrats think will happen next? The Red Chinese are not our friends!

Trump’s lawyers blast impeachment as political theater – Trump and his toadies repeatedly told the crowd they had to “fight like hell” to stop the steal and that Pence was a traitor. So yes, Trump was responsible by constantly saying without proof that he won by a landslide.

Election fraud – Take a look at what all of these bad seeds have done to this country. Not one is held accountable for their actions! If we do nothing, and allow this to continue, where will this once-great nation be in 10 years?

Senators to hear opening Trump arguments – (Former) President Trump cannot hire better attorneys although Schoen was brilliant. Every law firm he has hired, the liberals attack and try to destroy them, making them drop out. The left is pure evil; straight from the pits of hell.

William Ressegue letter: Don’t forget about the national debt – Why weren’t you complaining about debt the past four years?

Trump trial – If Republican senators aren’t in the chambers listening to House managers how can they honestly do their constitutional duty?

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