Rants and Raves | Feb. 21, 2021

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Rants and Raves – Rants and Raves has become so hateful it’s not even fun to read anymore. The hate is overwhelming.

Legislature advancing anti-abortion legislation – Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! Oops! Can we still say Jesus in public? God bless Rep. Wendy Rogers. We’ve now killed 60 million babies made in God’s image. Surely there were a few that deserved to live? Maybe be adopted out?

Sen. Nancy Barto and Rep. Michelle Udall anti-abortion legislation op-ed: Our bill will save lives and protect women – Does this bill provide any assistance to women AFTER a child is born? Are these legislators supporting low-cost childcare and healthcare, and safety nets for food and housing insecurity? NO! Arizona is rife with under-served children forgotten by anti-abortion proponents.

Recycling – Following some apparently incorrect information on the Kingman city website I recently put some cans, glass and cardboard into some of their bins. I was interrupted by an employee who said the city was no longer doing recycling. This is not a long-term option for waste management.

Obituary: George “Tuffy” Henry – Happy memories of the Henry family who lived down the street from us long ago. Their parents were a blessing. They were schoolmates and wonderful Kingmanites. Rest in peace, Tuffy. You were one of the good ones.

Biden faces pressure as U.S. sets new course on immigration – Really, while in a pandemic, hospitals at maximum capacity, businesses struggling, unemployment, and we’re allowing immigrants?

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