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Cruz trip tests durability of scandal – Scandal? What scandal? Made up by Democrats. Is that the best they’ve got? Ted Cruz is not governor of Texas; he broke no laws and I wish I’d had a father as loving and caring as Sen. Cruz is.

Hot topic: Mohave County voting centers – Unfortunately, we appear to have three county supervisors who are more conspiratorial in their beliefs, rather than fact based reality. Exactly how many dead people have voted in Mohave County and how many “sinister” reasons for voting have been documented?

No recall for Kingman Council’s Jamie Scott Stehly – I think we need to admonish the reckless fools that tried to recall the ONLY two people trying to save lives on the council! No good deed goes unpunished by ignorance! Councilwoman Stehly and Mayor Miles deserve praise, not recall!

Regarding the Senior Center/Kingman Regional Medical Center donation – Staff is gracious and knowledgeable about resources in our community. There are many crafts and physical activities throughout the week.

U.S. lets in asylum seekers – In one month, Biden has done incredible damage. His new “America Last” policy is unbelievable. Expect more crime, burglaries, rapes, murders. He cares nothing for legal American citizens and those living in border cities are terribly worried about their safety.

A lot of Republicans won’t wear masks because we told them it helps people. We should have told them it hurts immigrants.

Thanks to Trump’s ineptness and lies in handling the pandemic we’ll reach 500,000 deaths of Americans. Ignorant anti-maskers are responsible for the pandemic spreading. My 42-year-old daughter-in-law died from COVID-19. We miss her everyday.

Rep. Finchem is a very good man and an admirable one, to boot. Yes, Trump was re-elected by a landslide, 90 to 100 million votes to 40 to 50 million for Biden.

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