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Wed, April 21

Letter | Feb. 13 will live in infamy

Feb. 13, 2021 will be a day long remembered as one in which our Constitution and country was attacked on Jan. 6, 2021 and a president of this great country can instigate an attack on the government and get away with it.

As an American citizen and Nam vet in my 70s I have never witnessed anything like this before and pray I never will again. Regardless of one's party affiliation – Republican, Democrat or Independent – no president should be able to incite the people to attack the Capitol in an attempted coup in an effort to overturn an election regardless of the circumstances and suffer no consequences.

The former president began his incitement long before the election and continues to this day by making false claims and accusations. I am a conservative Independent and no, I'm not a Trump fan, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my feelings as party affiliation should have nothing to do with protecting this great country of ours.

What happened on Feb. 13 was a disgrace as 43 senators were more concerned about keeping their jobs than doing them, and protecting our country from anything like this ever happening again.

For those of you who adamantly support Trump, ask yourself what if it had been Obama or Clinton or any other president, what should the verdict have been. A precedent was set that could very well haunt us for a very long time. The world has been watching us and I can only wonder what they think of us now? Can't be good.

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley

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