Rants and Raves | Feb. 28, 2021

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I left a case of 805 Beer in a cart in the parking lot of Smith’s grocery store. Whoever found it, please enjoy.

Death toll in Mohave County from COVID-19 reaches 550 – Two days, 10 more dead, 10 more families grieving. Let’s all do our part to save lives and suffering by masking, distancing, handwashing and avoiding large gatherings. Together, we can do this. Divided, we will fail.

Biden marks 50 million vaccine doses in first 5 weeks in office – Looks like the health and welfare of the nation is finally in competent and caring hands! President Biden is paying attention to the needs of the country. Let’s support his efforts!

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar column: Doing Russia’s Work – Congressman Gosar stands for the corporate donors that would destroy our beautiful natural lands for profit. The Grand Canyon brings thousands of people, and their dollars to our state economy every year. They don’t come to see a uranium mine!

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar column: Doing Russia’s Work – Reading (U.S. Rep. Paul) Gosar’s opinion column headline, I first thought he must be talking about Republicans. Unfortunately, he’s all for uranium mining. Perhaps Gosar would like to position his water well near the uranium mines.

Trump’s tax returns in hands of New York prosecutors – I ask myself, what would Mr. President Joe Biden’s tax returns tell the American people? A career politician, 40-plus years of fleecing the system, has amassed a fortune along with anyone related to him.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Feb 15 will live in infamy - Thank you, Mr. Ciardullo, for your editorial piece. I agree with every word you wrote! No president, no person, no group, should be allowed to walk away from inciting or committing insurrection and sedition against the United States.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Feb 15 will live in infamy - Had this writer watched the hearings he’d have seen the very words Trump used; worse used (videos shown) by Pelosi, Waters, Harris, etc. Pelosi encouraged Trump be taken out, Biden would take him behind the barn, Waters indicated killing him.

GOP rallies against virus bill – The COVID-19 relief package is designed to assist the working class who have been hit hard by the pandemic. But, the GOP is unwilling to support it. It’s desperately needed by us, the people, not their corporate donors!

Tribes have high hopes for Haaland nomination - Much worse than Deb Haaland, Biden nominated Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of state. A transgender, once a man, now looks like a man with a wig. Refused Rand Paul’s questions about youngsters taking medicine to change their sex. Scary!

Tribes have high hopes for Haaland nomination - Watched entire Haaland hearing. Being Indian is fine; her answers were not. She had suggested her native New Mexico instead of oil should switch to cannabis, which of course, by comparison, was ridiculous, as were many answers.

I am in Lake Havasu City and all pharmacies are booked through April for COVID vaccines and you can’t even make an appointment. Every website and phone number I have been given will not accept any appointments. This is a horrible situation.

Maricopa County effort to block Senate election subpoena gets hearing – What a waste of time and energy. The election was won by Joe Biden. People are suffering from COVID-19 and the economic disaster in its wake. State legislators, focus on reality!

Order re-establishes faith-focused White House - “Biden won’t stand around and watch suffering?” Except so-called Catholic Joe has no problem not only pushing abortions but dumped Trump’s “no longer paying for abortions for the entire world.” So now we are doing it again. Thanks, Joe.

The state Senate should remove the word “permanent” from the early mail-in ballot. If you missed November vote due to illness and miss a recall election, you are off the mail-in voting list. Sorry seniors, you lose.

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