Rants and Raves | Jan. 3, 2021

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Thank you to all the delivery people including post office, UPS, Fedex, Instacart and pizza delivery. I sanitize my doorbell regularly to reduce your exposure to nasty germs. You have been such a help to me this past year.

KRMC commits to patient visitation – New personal hero. (Hospital CEO Will) McConnell joins ranks with Sheriffs Shuster, Lamb and Shepherd, unwilling to sacrifice freedom, patient health. Best hospital in 500-mile radius, too. Great work, guys!

Santa Barber: J’s Barbershop provides holiday haircuts for the homeless – I sincerely hope Mr. Lopez is blessed in many ways. He has clearly grasped the message of caring for less fortunate folks. The timing of this article couldn’t have been better. What an uplifting story in the midst of COVID.

Michael Gordon letter: Stimulus should be for people who are hurting – I agree with the writer. Politics in America has become a game of who can win elections and get a free ride on the gravy train. Both parties reek of greed and have no empathy for the common people.

Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – This proposal violates the constitutional right to life of all residents with high co-morbidity to this virus, including children. Anyone not in agreement with this resolution should contact their county supervisors and make their concerns known.

Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – Yes, Ms. Bishop, it once was a nation of laws. You took the oath, you tell me, Madam, Is it lawful for a governor to issue proclamations under the color of law? Or to legislate at all, period? I think NOT.

Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – “We may get stuck with a new president,” states Ron Gould. Mr. Gould, you are stuck with a new president. He was elected, unlike you who won only by default.

Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – More like “Rebel Secessionist” plan it seems. In case the speakers have forgotten, we are one nation and the Supreme Court’s entire job is evaluating the constitutionality of law.

North Central mailboxes rant – My mailbox is also on North Central and people do ignore the 30 mph speed limit. Being a busy road the mailboxes need to be moved as it’s a matter of safety. They should not be on North Central.

North Central mailboxes rant – As a “owner” of a mailbox in the cluster of boxes on North Central, they never should have been placed on that busy street. The mailboxes need to be moved to the side streets for everyone’s safety.

J’aime Morgaine community view: We all have constitutional rights – Thanks, Ms. Morgaine, for clarifying issues regarding “Constitutional Sanctuary County.” With COVID-19 infections, deaths skyrocketing, who’s protecting the rights of residents at risk? The pursuit of happiness becomes difficult when you are dead!

Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – When the second Civil War breaks out against the new tyranny, I’ll be there, count on it.

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