Rants and Raves | Jan. 6, 2021

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Fairgrounds ready for drive-thru vaccinations – Good job! Seems like the county spent more time on this than either Moderna or Pfizer spent on developing these “vaccines.” You will not find me in line for this questionable concoction.

GOP torn over Trump’s Electoral College push back – God bless Sen. Hawley who understands he works for us. Trump won in a landslide; of course he must fight.

There are two parties now, traitors and patriots. Trying to undo the most-secure election in U.S. history is traitorous and undemocratic.

Don Martin’s Great Outdoors: Here’s hoping for a better 2021 for Kingman sportsmen – New year hope. Don Martin doesn’t cover the senseless killing of beautiful animals. New year hope. Don Martin uses his voice and writing skills to advocate for the end of sports hunting of animals.

Anti-hunting rants – Hunting is very strictly regulated to maintain healthy herds of animals. Hunters pay lots of money for tags and licenses, and this money goes toward management of the wildlife. So without hunters there is no management money.

Hunting stories – The hunting units are strictly managed and animals are counted and feed is taken into consideration before tag numbers are set. Would you rather have poor animals die slowly of starvation because of lack of feed?

McConnell says $2,000 stimulus untargeted; given to people not in need. Why not look at it as a tax rebate? I thought taxes were bad, especially for the rich? Doesn’t it all trickle back down?

Fairgrounds ready for drive-thru vaccinations – Thank you, Mr. Woods, and please keep the people that really believe in what’s happening informed!

Mohave County sets a new weekly record for COVID-19 cases – Six days, 1,362 new cases and 20 deaths in Mohave County. C’mon, people, let’s put aside differences and divisions and work together and use best practices. Mask, distance, hands to fight this killer. We can do this.

The board of supervisors with newly elected Lingenfelter and under a new chairman must stand up to the minority of the minority that screams and hollers at them to act in un-American ways (constitutional sanctuary). They must dismiss radicalism.

Woman charged with abusing children over masks – This story is not about mask wearing; it’s about an abusive parent with a previous record of this crime. Don’t make this a poster for anti-maskers! Masks have nothing to do with child abuse, plain and simple.

Nashville suspect died in blast – Mr. Warner was one of those rare men who, when he couldn’t make it in life, decided to make himself famous after his death. One sick individual. I assume, in hell, he wishes now he would have picked another route.

County logs another 216 cases of COVID-19, 5 more deaths – Wake up, locals, and do your part to slow this deadly spread! We don’t need mandates and orders. We can all choose to do the right thing to protect others.

I want to see all you people who whine that I don’t wear a mask in line at the fairgrounds to get the shots that haven’t been proven safe or effective.

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