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Sat, May 28

Community View | Enough with the grandstanding

The “1776 resolution” being considered by the Mohave County Supervisors seems to be inspired by Alex Jones’ rhetoric and theatrics who has the date “1776” placed on many of InfoWar’s products.

Are some of our fellow Mohave residents copying Jones’ style of clownish antics? I would direct the reader’s attention to the recent clown show involving the “Stop the Steal” campaign that has been more about grifting and selling merchandise than it has been about opposing Biden’s future swearing-in as president.

The grift still continues, as the last rally in D.C. is a last opportunity to make some more money off of gullible and naive patriots. Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been raised, but to what end? Do you think that President Trump is convinced that this is his last term, since he’s been pardoning many U.S. citizens lately? Presidential pardons are traditionally granted by an outgoing president, whose days in office are numbered.

What then is the point of this resolution, except to engage in pointless theatrics? The people are a fourth branch of government, in addition to the judiciary, legislative and the executive. This is on the local, state and federal level. If the people of Mohave County wish to pass its own resolution against lockdowns and mask wearing, it can do so constitutionally, without the hiring of opportunistic lawyers out for an easy buck. The same applies to making the county a 1st and 2nd amendment zone. For an example of the power of the people, look into “jury nullification.”

I would like an answer as to why some supervisors are grandstanding in this matter. Is it a cynical election stunt, something that we have already seen with the recent rallies and protests against alleged election fraud in the various states of America?

For all intents and purposes, these rallies and protests have not achieved anything of substance, except to enrich a few bad faith actors, masquerading as leaders but who have been leading the flock astray with bad tactics. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I would hate to think that the same scenario is playing out here because a few individuals are putting themselves before the needs and rights of the people of this fine county.

(Donna Ramirez is a resident of Bullhead City.)

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