Rants and Raves | Jan. 8, 2021

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M Azam Khan, MD community view: COVID-19 Pandemic has been calamitous – Thank you Dr. Khan, for coming forward as a medical expert on this subject. Many of our residents have been confused and misled, and are resistant to doing the simple yet effective things that can mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Arizona leads the nation in new coronavirus infection rate – Can someone show this to our Board of Supervisors? They are so busy trying to pass this Constitutional Sanctuary County resolution, they seem to be blind to the death and suffering of the residents they are supposed to represent!

Mohave County health director: Vaccinations for 75 and up group to start in mid-to-late January – Supervisors Angius and Lingenfelter attempted to imply the virus is weakening (untrue); that deaths from COVID-19 were not from COVID-19 (untrue); and that the percentage of deaths was “better?” What disrespect to our victims of COVID-19, and those that mourn them!

Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, lawmakers evacuated – Regarding Trump’s attempted coup, did you notice when he spoke to his “followers,” he didn’t say vacate the Capitol. He has ramped up his cult to this violent end. Not only America but the world is horrified.

Danny Baker letter: Every county is a constitutional county – Yes, they are! Good piece, and true! But, incendiary rhetoric and misleading information from leadership and media have supported the lies that our freedoms are endangered. This was the fertile ground from which the violent assault on our Capitol came.

Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, lawmakers evacuated – LOL! Fox News pundits and Trump himself talking to the degenerates storming the Capitol like they are misbehaving children. They need the nanny state, they act like tantrum toddlers. Trump lights fuse then acts like it’s not his fireworks show.

Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, lawmakers evacuated – This is the result of public officials and right-wing media inciting people to riot over conspiracy theories and lies! It wasn’t a peaceful protest; it was domestic terrorism and insurrection. This was a dark day for America, indeed.

Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, lawmakers evacuated – Actually, it’s reported some Antifa slithered in, broke laws to put blame on Trump. Very few of the tens of thousands there broke laws. Funny, no one cared when Oregon and Washington state cities were looted/burned/destroyed. No one blamed the left.

American Airlines won’t allow emotional-support animals on flights – Good. Keep your animals at home. AmericaWest Airlines (before joining AA) had an incident where a woman insisted her “support animal” pig be allowed to fly. At 38,000 feet the pig went wild, banged cockpit door repeatedly and defecated everywhere. Good AA.

Gov. Ducey faces criticism after son posts video of packed party – Typical do what I say, not what I do. The ruling class is special.

Larry Kersich letter: Arizona’s on a slippery slope – I agree Arizona is on a slippery slope, but one of rising domestic terrorist groups coddled by public officials, and misinformed residents who care only for themselves and have zero understanding of what it is to be to an American!

Larry Kersich letter: Arizona’s on a slippery slope – The writer apparently does not realize that teachers/educators spend longer than eight hours a day on the job, educate and babysit your children, use money out of their own pockets for supplies, etc. Sorry you can’t see what goes on.

Trump presses Georgia official – Raffensperger is dirt to start with and Trump won by a landslide. They could find fraud in nearly every state and declare Trump the winner but they just won’t. Democrats hate him; Republicans don’t want their lives disturbed.

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