Rants and Raves | Jan. 10, 2021

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I am heartbroken at the thought of all the men and women who spilled their blood for our freedoms and democracy and now Trump and his minions are trying to make a mockery of our country. They need to pack their bags and move to Russia. May God save and protect our blessed country.

Donna Ramirez letter: Enough with the grandstanding – Thank you, Donna, for speaking common sense and truth. The justification for the constitutional sanctuary county is an “Infowars” episode on steroids. This is the same rhetoric and unfounded conspiracy theories that inspired the violent attack on the Capitol this week.

Debate on Constitutional Sanctuary County resolution far from over in Mohave County – The Havasu Patriots are anything but patriotic. Real patriots would be concerned for the safety and health of their fellow Americans and do their part to help mitigate the spread of this killer virus that they profess is not real!

Deep Roots in Kingman: A trio of trees nearly a century old had to be removed at the Mohave County Courthouse – Just wish more cypress trees had been removed by the courthouse. They are the “weeds” of Kingman. The trees interfere with every photo, harbor pigeons, dwarf homes and shade neighbors’ houses. Please don’t plant any more!

Mohave County suffers 19 COVID-19 deaths in two-day span – Death rates and infections rising in the county. I imagine these tragic numbers are still not enough to move the hearts and minds of those county supervisors who think “it’s just not a big enough percentage to be a concern.”

Trump finally faces reality, amid talk of early ouster – What total bull. The truth is, the election was stolen. Does anyone actually believe bumbling Biden, who couldn’t draw 12 people, stayed hidden, actually got 80 million votes? The lying AP should face the truth but it will emerge.

Trump finally faces reality, amid talk of early ouster – Now Fox and right-wing media are making false claims that Antifa were the domestic terrorists on Capitol Hill. They’re false claims. There’s video of known Trump supporters in offices at the Capitol.

Surge in Arizona, world “hot spot,” puts focus on Ducey – If we continue on this path with people convinced COVID-19 is a hoax and want zero mitigations to slow the spread, we will continue to be the world “hot spot,” and countless Arizonans will die and suffer needlessly. Wake up!

Trump finally faces reality, amid talk of early ouster – “Fears of what a desperate Trump might do?” Now that garbage could incite a riot and brought on by 80-year-old, hysterical, mentally ill Nancy Pelosi who has the military on alert.

Debate on Constitutional Sanctuary County resolution far from over in Mohave County – Mr. Mitchell and his supporters have the right to their opinions; however, when they expect unfounded conspiracy theories to shape county policy regarding COVID-19, that’s different. Perhaps they should talk with some local ICU staff about what is really happening.

The peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next is a hallmark of our republic and by refusing to attend Biden’s inauguration Trump is trampling on our democracy and inciting sedition against the U.S.

Larry Kersich letter: “Arizona’s on a ‘slippery slope” – The writer apparently does not realize that teachers/educators spend longer than eight hours a day on the job, educate and babysit your children, use money out of their own pockets for supplies, etc. Sorry you can’t see what goes on.

Larry Kersich letter: “Arizona’s on a ‘slippery slope” – Larry Kersich’s teacher-bashing letter is living proof that “conservatism is just an elaborate excuse for selfishness.”

Trump supporters storm Capitol – Well, not exactly. Trump did not tell anyone to storm the Capitol; nor to shoot a woman veteran in cold blood. Her great sin? She loved Trump, was there in support of him and the obviously “stolen” election.

Trump supporters storm Capitol – Due to Trump inciting domestic terrorism attack at Capitol five people have died including a police officer. What happened to Trump being leader of law and order? These are actions of a dictator, not the leader of a democratic nation.

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