Rants and Raves | Jan. 13, 2021

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Mohave County Supervisors track CARES Act money – CARES Act money is for public health and public safety. It’s logical that fire departments qualify for these funds; they’re all about public health and safety. Using the money for body cameras should have come from the county budget long ago.

Luis Vega’s Mohave Geology Column: ‘It’s not my fault’ – Another fantastic article from Luis Vega. Keep them coming!

Luis Vega’s Mohave Geology Column: ‘It’s not my fault’ – Again, Mr. Vega has inspired me to look around at the landscape when I’m driving and hiking looking for faults. I can’t wait to get out there and view for myself. Thank you for helping me with Mohave County’s beauty.

Christine Meisenheimer column: Sancutary county proposal ‘abusrdly ill-conceived’ – Thank you, Chris Meisenheimer! Nationally we just topped 4,000 deaths a day! Infections and deaths in the county are rising. It’s time for responsible decisions based on science and CDC protocols to be the basis for COVID-19 policy!

Christine Meisenheimer column: Sancutary county proposal ‘abusrdly ill-conceived’ – Ph.D Chris is absolutely right! My right to LIFE, liberty and pursuit of happiness supersedes the right to not wear masks or follow any other medically sound guidance. Instituting a Mohave County Constitutional Sanctuary is ill-conceived, vain and foolish.

Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, lawmakers evacuated – How do you know that Trump haters and Democrats were not dressed up like Trump supporters just to get people to protest violently. The Dems have tried everything to get President Trump out. SHAME on them.

Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, lawmakers evacuated – FBI contradicted right-wing media outlets and Fox New, NewsMax about Antifa being responsible for insurrection at Capitol Hill. These media outlets continue to lie even after five people died because of baseless voter fraud claims.

I am going to Safeway tomorrow to ask that they remove the Starbucks name from their store. The Starbucks liberal agenda is very offensive to the conservative view in Kingman. It is like the rebel statues in the South to the liberals.

‘Dreams, Visions and Reflections’ opens at the ArtHub in Kingman – “Dreams, Visions and Reflections” is KCA Art Gallery’s first show of 2021. Creativity is a super power! The artists, together, are bringing a positive spirit, encouragement and healing to all of Arizona. Take time to see this amazing show!

Democrats lay plans for swift Trump impeachment – Just let him go. The Republican Party and America have been held hostage by this man long enough. Republicans who in good conscience could not vote for him can hopefully reclaim from the ashes what remains of the once GOP.

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