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Wed, Aug. 10

Community View | Deputies save the day

In this day of law-enforcement bashing I want to tell of an incident that happened last week in our town with our sheriff’s office.

I have custody of my great-grandson who has a severe eating disorder. The only nourishment he gets is from Pediasure and water. We receive a delivery once a month that consists of six boxes with 24 cans in each box. I have not been able to lift the boxes for a while now, but there is always someone around to bring them in for me.

Last week the boxes were delivered on Friday. By Monday there still was no one to bring in the boxes. I could not reach anyone. Thank goodness it stayed cold. I knew by Monday I had to do something. I really don’t know why I thought to call the sheriff’s office but that’s what I did.

A lovely young woman answered my call. I explained my problem and asked if they might know of a resource I could call to help me. I said I would be willing to pay someone to do it for me. She was silent a moment and then she said she would take care of it for me, but I would have to wait until she got off work. I told her that would be wonderful.

Within the hour there was a knock on my door by two sheriff’s deputies. They were standing by the boxes and one asked if these were the boxes I needed inside. I said they were and they proceeded to bring them in and put them where I asked them to. I thanked them and they said I was welcome and they left.

It was so wonderful of them. You can’t know how relieved I was. It may not sound like much, but when you just can’t do something and there’s a chance of a warm day, which can happen here at any time, and it would ruin the only food that a child can tolerate, it’s serious. Thank you again, sheriff’s office. No law-enforcement bashing going on at this house.

(E. Donson is a 73-year-old great-grandmother and resident of Kingman.)

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