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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | Vote to impeach is inciting division

As I sit and watch the House proceedings to impeach President Trump I am overwhelmed with a deep, insidious sick feeling in my gut and a cosmic disturbance in my being. If there was ever any breach of conscience, common sense, honor, dignity or law, we are seeing it now being displayed without shame by the corrupt Washington Establishment.

Oh, doesn’t Pelosi look as if she is in her most glorious “High” Chairwoman Moment with her blue dress and matching designer mask. If the American people wanted to see sharks in a frenzy they would have tuned in to National Geographic. This Gentleman from Arizona will not yield back on the condemnation of this travesty of justice, this hypocritical fomenting and foaming at the mouth oozing out from the perimeters of their masks, a phony (not so righteous) righteous indignation. I have never seen such vitriol diabolic hate in real time and real shame and distortion.

The last time I checked there was only one man who walked this earth who was crucified to pay for the sins of the world. While I do not suggest OUR President Donald Trump is a holy deity or saintly in nature, this proceeding today is focused on doing the modern-day equivalent (political) crucification for the sins of the world; for his conservative approach that made our country great again; made the American people first and foremost.

One by one almost like little fat penguins at the tip of an iceberg, the marauding masked liberal and corporate mob spins the exact inflammatory, divisive rhetoric, just as caustic, and specifically certain and dangerous as that for which Trump is on trial. Quietly, I see President Trump being forced to drag his cross to a death of a thousand cuts of lies, hate and deception. Never in the history of this country has the truth clashed so violently with the left’s woke propaganda and agenda. What we are seeing is a real time virtual assault on our nation’s Capitol more violent, more disgraceful than anything ever before today.

My eyes bulge and my teeth clench as I watch an outright overt attack on our revered Constitution, law and order, heritage, tradition and culture poured over the body of the American people much like gravy in this unbelievable slow-cooking Crock-pot. We all simmer while the Establishment Mob prepares to savor the nation’s transition into radical socialism. Never has the heat been turned up so high turning that slow cooker of over four years into a burning inferno flash cooking all our minds, bodies and spirits, and boiling every emotion.

Today’s pompous elegance of speech and oratory comes in a bubble of Establishment censorship, missing information and a lust for hateful power and money. Our great nation is no longer a shining city on a hill, and Ronald Reagan is turning in his grave. Our elected officials have sold out the nation. They are the invaders who have forgotten the virtue of thinking before acting, but instead have yielded to their basic demonic natures.

The insurrection, the unhinged partisan rhetoric, is a toxic lava that has erupted from every orifice and mouth of our government, spewing fear and a slap in the face to every true patriot.

My heart is racing too fast as I continue to watch our national leaders totally and recklessly disregard the spirit, the pride, the faith, the fear and the pulse of the nation. Those in Congress who cry for a unified transition are literally inciting the division. National Geographic has never shown a more graphic, blood-thirsty shark feeding frenzy. Today the end of this real life drama remains without resolution or conclusion, but the heartfelt gut-wrenching infection is without a true cure because the enemy is within.

May God bless America and it’s people.

(Jim Consolato is a resident of Golden Valley.)

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