Rants and Raves | Jan. 20, 2021

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Death toll from COVID-19 in Mohave County reaches 77 since Jan. 1 – It’s time for residents to act responsibly and mask up and practice social distancing. We can slow the spread of this virus and hold the line until vaccines are available by the simple measures recommended by medical experts.

COVID -19 takes 4 more lives of Kingman-area residents – We know what we need to do, fellow Kingman and county residents. Reject conspiracy theories and follow simple, effective, inexpensive, best medical practices. Do it voluntarily for your neighbors, your loved ones, and yourselves. Mask, hands, distance.

Mohave County Supervisors: Should the public speak at the beginning or the end of the meeting? – It seems a waste to speak to issues after a vote. Before or after the meeting does not address the fact that residents with high co-morbidity to COVID-19 essentially risk infection in a maskless atmosphere. Their voices are essentially suppressed.

CATS. CATS. CATS – Catch five and six more are back. Looks like this will never end. Have contacted every department in Kingman and of course they have no answer: “HANDS ARE TIED.” I would suggest moving for sure.

Kingman arsons – It’s likely neighbors tired of having to look at abandoned properties used as squats for drug addicts. The county should do its job and advocate for the folks that want to live in a decent neighborhood.

Obituary: Charlsie Hopkins Ramay – Deepest sympathy to all your family in the loss of Charlsie “Butch.” She was such a fun girl in school, so full of life and energy. Indeed, a life well-lived. Blessings to you all.

Fix Stockton Hill Road. Its patch work looks like a kindergartener did the work.

Communism is alive and well in the Democratic Party. America, beware!

Death toll from COVID-19 in Mohave County reaches 77 since Jan. 1 – Not enough deaths yet? Attend the super-spreader event (gun show) at the fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 23-24. Greed and no regard for others.

I wish President Biden success in bringing the country together and supporting both Democrats and Republicans as promised, but I will never forget the hypocrisy demonstrated by the Democratic leadership and the mainstream media over the past 4 1/2 years.

Mayoral recall signatures submitted in Kingman – Mayor Miles extended the mask mandate at a time when 27 counties and cities in Arizona had mask mandates with Arizona spiking in summer. Miles then backed down and now we are the worst for COVID in the WORLD. Mask-up, selfish babies!

Mayoral recall signatures submitted in Kingman – The recall was based on the fact that the mandate extension was arbitrary with no basis in scientific research. How many times was it to be extended at the whim of the mayor? This was not acceptable.

The military presence at the inauguration and fence with the razor wire is threatening to Americans. That effort should be placed on finishing and protecting our southern border from invasion. The left doesn’t see the similarity between the two.

Which is it? Biden now says his first act will be cancelling the XL Pipeline (and thousands of jobs) to pay back crazy climate change nuts. Or is it giving amnesty to 21 million illegals? Or maybe more China hugging?

Michael Reagan column: Time for Trump and Biden to suck it up – Trump should say: “I’m sorry that I lied about election fraud and further, I apologize for inciting an insurrection, which claimed five lives.”

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