Rants and Raves | Jan. 24, 2021

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Being civil – I am sick of people calling the people they do not like names like stupid, commie, socialist. If you do like their ideas please state the reason you do like them and state your ideas. Let’s be civil about comments.

Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter spotlights Emily Black – Go, Emily! Thank you for all you do for our furry friends and those who love them.

Jim Consolato Community View: Vote to impeach is inciting division – Trump’s amazing accomplishments speak for themselves. I noticed the wonderful love and admiration for the Trumps as they left today; contrast Biden’s putting 200,000 flags up in seating area for fear noone would show up. Biden’s speech contradictory, boring, uninspiring.

Biden and Harris elected – It is so nice to see a group of experienced adults take over the leadership of our beautiful country. There have been no insults, no name-calling, no lies and no bullying. Just plain, pure truth. Thank you.

Mohave County suffers 6 more deaths from COVID-19 – Another six lives lost to COVID-19. Each of us can make a difference and slow the spread of this killer simply, cheaply and effectively. Mask, distance, and wash hands frequently. Be an American Hero. Save lives.

Mohave County working to hasten virus vaccinations – While waiting for more vaccine to arrive, we can all do our part by masking, washing our hands, and practicing social distancing. COVID-19 is a threat to our community and needs to be met with community cooperation and participation.

Supervisors take position on ‘constitutional questions’ – In my opinion, the board has purposely removed the mask mandate for county buildings so the general public won’t attend the meetings (due to COVID). No one there to have a say against the 1776ers. Recall them.

Supervisors take position on ‘constitutional questions’ – So, the county backs the Lake Havasu Patriots’ sentiments. No, only the supervisors do. It has become painfully obvious that it is time to start the recall process for the three supervisors who voted for this.

Supervisors take position on ‘constitutional questions’ – If any grant funding is lost because of Lake Havasu Patriots’ radical agenda please reduce funding from Hildy, Travis and Ron’s districts. Quit wasting our resources on this pathetic pretense. The true Americans are out collecting food and helping neighbors.

Michael Dye letter: Drop history and civics –Absolutely not! The far left has taken over our school systems. It is that which must be dropped and our truthful history taught. And no, we aren’t a racist nation as evidenced by fighting a brutal Civil War.

Seniors are having difficulty scheduling vaccination appointments and finding transportation to get shots. Could the county supervisors please quit pandering to hate groups and actually help the majority of Mohave County residents? It would be much appreciated.

Twenty-five thousand soldiers with guns guarding a razor wire wall at the inauguration; guarding people who don’t like guns or walls. A double standard. Good for the elite but not for the common American citizenship. Do this at our southern border.

I remember when there weren’t so many liberals in Mohave County. Take your ways back to California, and leave those of us who don’t want to wear a mask alone.

Biden takes helm – President Clinton seen sleeping through Biden’s boring speech. We, however, had to suffer through Michelle Obama’s absolutely hideous outfit. Did you see Melania Trump’s beautiful outfit, lovely America-loving parting words? Incidentally, Biden did not want Trump at the inauguration.

Arizona has been ranked by WalletHub as the least safest state in America. This is because Gov. Ducey and local elected officials don’t have the spine to implement mask mandates. There are too many cowards and ignorant people holding office.

COVID deaths – Tragic that many Mojave County folks were duped by false savior Trump. When he said COVID was a lefty hoax to tarnish him politically , he threw the American people under the bus for his ego. Disgraceful, but predictable. Good riddance!

‘Why are rural communities not getting the China virus vaccine’ rant – First, there is no “Chinese virus.” Why aren’t we getting the vaccine yet? Because the Trump administration dropped the ball on purchasing vaccine and developing a plan to disperse it that did not crush our already-stressed state governments!

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