Rants and Raves | Jan. 27, 2021

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COVID complications kill 11 more residents in Mohave County – As COVID-19 infections increase in our community, I don’t understand why some people refuse to wear a mask in public. Don’t they see or understand that people in our county are dying because of the refusal of a simple act.

Rough Roads Ahead – Time to approve a primary property tax! Jack will have equipment and a crew taking care of the streets and keeping them up thereafter. Seventy-five dollars per 100K assessed annually is not that much to ask for those kind of improvements.

Michael Dye letter: Drop history and civics – Public school history teacher here. Many conservatives/Republicans teach, and the Constitution is taught! The problem is lack of stable/involved parents and kids that care about smart phones rather than being smart. Blaming teachers and schools is simply right-wing political posturing.

Vaccines – I am grateful the vaccine will be readily available in Kingman soon. I am retired and did not have to leave my home to work during these challenging times. Thanks to those who did. Thanks to delivery people. Bless you.

More virus testing urged in Arizona – More people need to be vaccinated; never mind the testing.

Water Bill – Why is the damn water bill difficult reading? There are a lot of older folks who can’t comprehend it. I spend too much time trying to read the damn thing.

Luis Vega Mohave County geology column: Water runs downhill – You did well putting the Luis Vega story about the direction water runs in print. Very well written; made clear and easy to understand for us nongeology-educated people. Almost makes a person want to go down (Highway) 93, pull off on a side road and go looking for old bones.

COVID complications kill 11 more residents in Mohave County – How many human lives must be sacrificed to COVID-19 before the three county supervisors who seem to be in total denial of this crisis wake up and begin to show some leadership, instead of catering to far out conspiracy theories?

City of Kingman sets Bingo night at Palo Christi gym – Do the organizers of this event realize we have a serious problem with the spread of COVID-19 in the city? Only 75 people can attend? What can be the harm? Really? What an utter disregard for public safety!

County issues permit for Oatman Bed Races – They had better save those rolling beds for the COVID-19 cases to follow this possible super spreader event. I can’t understand why county leadership and local residents are unable wrap their heads around the danger of such events!

Biden halts border wall construction after Trump’s final surge – Such a waste of money.

Kingman Young Marines donate books – Thank you, Kingman Young Marines and Marine Corps League Detachment 887. Kingman’s kids need books at home during this awkward school year. Local teachers thank you, Dig-it and the Miner for promoting reading and literacy. Everyone, please keep donating!

Butch Meriwether Community View: Will newly elected do as they promised? – Don’t know locally; nationally, Trump promised to fix economy (done until virus), brought back jobs, cut taxes, defended unborn, took no salary, built the wall, etc. Biden was for coal, for clean coal, against coal, already lost XL Pipeline jobs.

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