Rants and Raves | Jan. 29, 2021

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Rough Roads Ahead: 41% of Kingman streets are in ‘very poor’ condition – The 2020-21 budget for Kingman is $222 million-plus, and they can’t spend $5 million for desperately needed road maintenance? They have enough money; they just need to budget it properly. There’s no need for a tax increase.

Luis Vega’s Mohave County geology column: Water runs downhill – Thank you Luis Vega for your articles about the geology of our county. I look at my surroundings in a different way when I am out and about now. I am a fan of yours. Keep teaching us.

Get a raise in Social Security and someone takes it. There’s a TV cable company in Kingman that can’t give good service but can take your money. Once cable TV was commercial free; now you pay for bad service and junk shows.

Mohave County loses 6 more to COVID-19 – BUT what are we doing to slow the spread? Engaging in a campaign for voluntary masking and distancing? NO. Our county supervisors have two members who are concerned; and, tragically, three who support responding to a killer virus with DENIAL.

Rant about Michelle Obama’s inauguration outfit – Michelle Obama could have shown up to the inauguration in jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes and still looked great. She was a very accomplished first lady and you can’t take that away from her with a rude comment.

COVID-19 reports – Quit lying to people. I knew a guy who died in a car accident and they said he had COVID. Why is it that everyone who dies has COVID? Because the medical field gets more government funding for COVID cases.

Rough Roads Ahead: 41% of Kingman streets are in ‘very poor’ condition – Here is my observation. Too many chiefs. I was watching the road patch crew (sticky tar - kitty litter) and there were more supervisors than people actually doing work. Does every supervisor need their own truck?

More than 100 Kingman water customers disconnected – How draconian in the middle of the coldest part of winter, and during a pandemic! Is our city water department bankrupt? Or just heartless?

Maricopa County to audit machines for the November election – I would say this is a ridiculous waste of money, but the GOP seems to have dollars for this from somewhere. Perhaps this is what it will take to prove the election was fair and the results true.

With one signature, President Biden put up to 20,000 people out of work, stopping the Keystone pipeline. Twenty-thousand working American families unable to pay for necessities of life.

Those who insisted there was not much to the virus and it was a scamdemic are now pushing to get their vaccine more quickly. We all cope differently. Denial helped some get through this. Forgive them.

Growing number of GOP senators oppose Trump impeachment – Is it because it’s illegal and all lies, perhaps? Trump is gone. Duh! But wait. He could run for something again; they must kick him in the ribs while he is down because that’s all Pelosi and Schumer know. Demonic!

Trump rave – Trump is God’s David? Are you kidding me? He who hangs out with the likes of Steve Bannon who calls for the beheading of Dr. Fauci. My God is Jesus, who is kind and gentle. My gosh, what have we come to?

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