Rants and Raves | Jan. 31, 2021

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COVID-19 claims 16 more lives in Mohave County – In county COVID-19 reports (1/25- 1/28) there are 26 deaths and 298 new cases. When will local and county leadership wake up and smell the bodies? Locals, be smart: mask up and distance.

Embry offering COVID-19 vaccines in Kingman – Many seniors willing and able to take the vaccine. Embry is here with appointment slots available. The county should open up the vaccines to 65 and over now!

Mask rants – Even as most people wear masks, COVID rates have only gone up. That’s evidence they don’t do much good, which is also why some are now recommending double masks. It’s like using a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes.

I'd like to know when the government is going to pay back Social Security so deserving people can get proper payments.

Bruce Joffe letter: End the filibuster, now – Filibuster? Job-killer Joe is ruling by Executive Order; ended wall-building, lost 11,000 jobs instantly in U. S. and Canada, free abortions worldwide on our dime again. More EOs than the last four presidents combined in first week. Scary!

Bruce Joffe letter: End the filibuster, now – YES! Washington, Jefferson and Madison all supported a straight majority rule! The filibuster has been an abusive tool in Congress for way too long. Time for it to go.

Miner might be late Wednesday, Jan. 27 – We love the news you share with us. We care about your safety in delivering the news. As a community, we will wait patiently. Thanks for all the work your team does for our community.

Arizona man arrested in Capitol insurrection – This man no more represented Donald Trump than the Bernie Sanders guy that shot the Republicans as they played baseball, causing one to have 11 surgeries. There’s a nut in every crowd. Just look who we’ve got madly signing executive orders.

Trump cult – Show compassion for those fallen victim to the Trump cult of personality. Imagine how lost and miserable they must be to devote themselves to a pathological liar and narcissist that could not be more far-removed from their own personal experience.

Obituary of Judy Smith – Rest in peace, Judy. You’re again with your love, Pee Wee. It’s been a pleasure living in your childhood home, having all our conversations and remembering your mother sold me my first bottle of makeup at the drugstore. Lovely family.

Virus aid bill tests Biden – His “unity” plan? Are you nuts? He said “unity” in his short speech, then proceeded writing the most executive orders ever, blatantly stating it was to rid us of Trump. Hey Joe, 75 million of us voted for Trump.

GOP leadership in Congress hasn’t taken any action against new congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for supporting executing Pelosi, Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is what the Republican Party has become. No moral character.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be expelled from Congress. This nut case harassed an 18-year-old school-shooting survivor. It was deplorable behavior. Congress doesn’t need a conspiracist crackpot who’s mentally unstable. We already have Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.

Ron Keine’s Writers on the Range column: Conservative Republican has a personal mission – Writer wrongly given death penalty. I mostly agree. However, if “it’s wrong when you’re made in God’s image to take another’s life (ie: death penalty)” then this writer better also believe abortion is doing the same – now 60 million.

If you need to be tested for COVID-19 virus, check what it will cost for the test. I didn’t, and it cost me around $1,700. So please check the cost of the test.

Message to California liberals who moved here. Don’t vote for what you left.

GOP lawmakers fast tracking bill to stop clean energy standards – Does the GOP of Arizona realize we all have to breathe the air? What a use of their legislative power – to continue to allow pollutants into the air! No wonder asthma and respiratory ailments are common here!

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