Rants and Raves | July 2, 2021

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Miner editorial: County shelter bursting with animals – The Miner states “the cause may be murky,” but they offer the wrong solution. Rather than asking other people to adopt, perhaps pet owners should be more responsible in the first place by spaying and neutering their pets.

COVID-19 vaccines – I’m skeptical of the vaccines because of the limited research. There are still side-effects occurring. Yes, I know this happens. Still, I’ll wait to get the vaccine until it’s better researched. Wear a mask.

I cannot express how proud I am of the Arizona Senate for forcing the audit and working so hard to prove how the “Deep State” stole the election.

(If) Trump is reinstated, I want Gen. Flynn to be vice president rant – Two felons in the highest office? Good thing Trump isn’t going to be reinstated or re-elected.

Obituary of Cody Briles – Deepest sympathy to the family of Cody Briles in their loss. Pastor Dan and Debbie were so loved and respected in Kingman. Debbie, you and family are in my prayers and Cody, rest in peace with your grandpa.

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