Rants and Raves | July 7, 2021

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93 COVID-19 cases in two days – It’s a survival of the fittest concept for COVID-19. Many Democrats get vaccinated and survive; many Republicans don’t get vaccinated and die. God gives us tools to survive, and God works in mysterious ways. I choose survival.

With McCain in mind, Sinema seeks bipartisanship – Sinema is known to most Democrats as a sell-out but I think watch-and-wait may be more productive. She could be a tremendous asset to the country and the Democrats. Personally, I’m reserving judgment of her for a while longer.

GOP leaders won’t support capitol riot investigation – Pathetic seeing FBI Director Wray testify this week, bringing up the Capitol Hill riot; you know, the gunless insurrection but completely ignore the out of control crime across America, Oregon cities and more on fire; apparently it all being fine.

Obituary: Sandy Byers and Josephine “Jo” Byers – What a tragedy for the Byers family. Hearts go out to you in your loss.

Hundreds are becoming infected locally so figure hundreds more are not tested. This new delta variant is much more contagious and less than 40% vaccinated here. Many more will face sickness and death for no reason whatsoever. Sad that people demand to keep COVID-19 alive and well.

Robert Boslett Jr. letter: An eye for an eye – Certainly makes sense. I also wish illegals that murder in the U.S. wouldn’t be set free to come back illegally and do it again as happened last week with one.

July 4 and the importance of national holidays – Only 7% of Republicans, polls show, actually supported a Juneteenth holiday but the cowards then voted for it anyway. Living in Texas for 35 years, I never once heard of Texans celebrating Juneteenth, but everyone celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

In 2016, Donald Trump claimed to know more about tax law than anyone in the world, and said he used his knowledge to pay as little tax as legally possible. In Florida, he said he didn’t know if fringe benefits were taxed.

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