Rants and Raves | July 14, 2021

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Funding OK’d for possible vets home in county – Sen. (Sonny) Borrelli (R-Lake Havasu City) states: “I’m going to be pushing for Lake Havasu like you wouldn’t believe.” First, his preference has zero bearing on where the Arizona Department of Veteran Services decides is the best site. Second, Borrelli is showing inappropriate bias against Kingman.

Branson reaches space in his own ship – What an amazing person! And a story with no mention of race. How absolutely refreshing. It never ceases to stun me at what man (yes, I said man) can achieve. And he tried for around the world in a balloon? Unbelievable.

Kingman Regional Medical Center reports increase in COVID hospitalizations - I find it ridiculous that COVID cases and hospitalizations are going up again with vaccines so easy to obtain. All of you “anti-vaxxers” are going to cause mask mandates and closures again if you’re not careful.

Kingman Regional Medical Center reports increase in COVID hospitalizations - Unvaccinated folks are endangering their lives and the lives of others. Don’t be a victim of misinformation. Get vaccinated.

Slick scams and tied hands – In regards to the Publishers Clearing House slick scammers, I must have spent three hours convincing a family member that the call she got was a scam. Had she not mentioned that to me she would have lost her entire savings that allows her to keep a roof over her head.

Years after Red for Ed improved teachers’ salaries in Arizona, support staff are still at or close to minimum wage. Most get less than 35 hours per week. Do the local schools feel this is leading to the vast job openings in our schools and how do they plan to correct this problem? Many other businesses are improving wages and hours. Will they?

Mohave Republican Forum hosts KUSD Superintendent Dorner – Regarding the Rant on paying the Republican Party to see your superintendent talk, you don’t have to pay the Republican Party to hear from your government officials. Just have your party hold a venue for the superintendent to talk at.

50% now vaccinated in Arizona – But not in Mohave County. Here we have residents who won’t admit the virus is real and vaccines are safe. They are willing to die to prove it! A tragedy is unfolding.

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