Rants and Raves | July 21, 2021

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Arizona reports over 1,000 COVID cases for a fourth straight day – This surge in cases is brought to us by lies and deception. We don’t see people dying from this vaccine, because it’s safe. We do see people dying of COVID-19. Use your head for more than a hat rack!

To the person who wants Amtrak to stop late morning and early afternoon in Kingman - Now, let’s see? We are going to change the times in Los Angeles for hundreds of thousands of passengers for the benefit of just 50,000 passengers from Kingman?

Mohave County COVID cases at winter surge levels – Those who are unvaccinated and those spreading misinformation about the safety of vaccines are driving this surge. Should this continue, we are facing another year or more of unn3ecessary COVID suffering and death. Don’t sacrifice yourselves for these conspiracy theories.

I never thought that I would be happy to be the age I am now, but I truly am because, with any luck at all, I will not be here to witness the final destruction of my country at the hands of the Radical Marxist Democrat Party.

Ducey uses COVID cash for tourism – Why is Ducey using COVID relief money to promote tourism? Is he trying to keep spreading the disease instead of stopping it? Republicans claim to be pro life but this isn’t pro life. How does encouraging sickness help society?

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