Rants and Raves | July 25, 2021

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Delta COVID variant discovered in Mohave County patients – Why are we calling this COVID variant the “delta” variant when we should call it what it is, the “Republican” variant? I got my shots, and thanks to Republicans, I’ll soon need another, but I’m not afraid like them.

This article sugarcoats the facts giving drivers a false sense of what’s safe. Any water running across a roadway is being fed in a flash that you cannot estimate. Giving dimensions in this area is moot. (Editor’s note: The National Weather service provided the estimates of what water depths can wash away vehicles.)

Why don’t they just tell the truth about why we are seeing increases of Covid-19! Our government is allowing positive cases accross the southern border and then sending them all over the country! (Editor’s note: The ongoing surge is the result of the presence of the delta variant, and is not related to border crossings, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

Dental group no longer supporting Gosar, a former dentist – When the author injects opinion into the story you begin to lose credibility! Just another reason I no longer read the Kingman Miner! (Editor’s note: This reader read this article in the Miner, although he or she claims not to read the paper. The Associated Press is universally considered to be a non-partisan new source.)

Mohave County logs 213 new COVID cases in just 2 days – You are spreading misinformation. You blame the “antivaxxers” for the return of COVID cases. The increase in COVID cases is because hundreds of untested illegals cross the border daily and bring COVID with them. Stopping illegal entry will reduce COVID. (Editor’s note: The current outbreaks in the United States are concentrated in places with low vaccination rates. There is no evidence that the surge is the result of border crossings.)

Dental group no longer supporting Gosar, a former dentist – So, the American Dental Association is now “woke.” I guess that means that “Black Teeth Matter.” Local dentists are to encourage their patients to embrace “teeth of color.” They will discourage whitening teeth as that would be racist, white supremacist. (Editor’s note: The American Dental Association does not promote “teeth of color.”)

Open range chickens rant - Don’t have an accident avoiding one. Surely there’s a recipe for road-kill baked chicken. (Editors note: There are in fact recipes for baked chicken.)

Amtrak rant – The idea of Amtrak running another train so the “Arizona communities” have day service is unrealistic. A few years ago Kingman was threatened to lose service. Do you think they will add another train when there aren’t passengers for one?

Paul Gosar column: It’s time to stop taxing Social Security – Nice job of pandering.

Arizona’s health chief supports student quarantines in some cases – Those not vaccinated are endangering our youth. The vaccine is not approved yet for the very young. How many of those little one have to suffer or die because of misinformation, selfishness or stubbornness? (Editor’s note: COVID deaths are very rare in children.)

Phoenix hospital system pleads for vaccinations as cases rise – Other than valid health issues causing one to decline the vaccine, there is no excuse for those choosing not to be vaccinated. Their selfishness is endangering all of us, causing a strain on hospitals, and creating new variants. Get vaccinated.

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