Rants and Raves | August 1, 2021

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Sign of the times: County Democratic Committee says situasion is ‘treason, not patriotism – Bravo the billboards! Jan. 6 was an attempted coup. The GOP is so desperate to cover themselves that they are trying to deny something that is documented on hundreds of videos. How far down will they let Donald Trump take them?

Sign of the times: County Democratic Committee says situasion is ‘treason, not patriotism – And while we’re at it, let’s never forget the Democrat-backed Portland Oregon riots, murders, beatings, fires, wow.

Sparked by pandemic fallout, homeschooling flourishes – What a wonderful story. Our schools, for now, are mostly in the toilet due to the unGodly content of much of the teaching. What a refreshing story that these parents stepped up and put their children’s needs first. Just great!

Gas price rants – Trucks run from Vegas and Phoenix, and the route they take is dependent on where the driver lives. It doesn’t matter where they get the gas; we’re still screwed.

Jesse Jackson among 39 arrested at sit-in at Sinema’s office – Ah yes, Jackson, that legend in his own mind. This Republican says God Bless Sinema for standing fast for her very right belief and against the lies about the right preventing voting. I would certainly consider voting for Democrat Sinema.

Weather Service: Wet weekend in store for Kingman: You should get your facts right because no rain is coming. Sprinkling little drops does not count as rain in Kingman. There needs to be a flood to be considered a storm. (Editor’s note: The story shared information from the official National Weather Service forecast)

Dog bites dog: Kingman woman, 80, and her dog are still recovering from unprovoked attack: If people would take care of their animals, this would not have happened. But some care little for public safety. Shocking that this story got more attention than our fellow residents dying from a preventable and deadly disease.

Trump supporters raise $5.7 million dollars for election audit – There is a sucker born every minute! And those giving their money for the Fraudit can’t even see this isn’t the “Big Steal”; it’s the “Big Grift!” Hey, wanna look at some designer watches?

Arizona Health Director Dr. Cara Christ resigning – Perhaps Ms. Christ is tired of trying to save the lives of people who are so dedicated to conspiracy theories and bogus lies that they are willing to die for them, and sadly take others with them!

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