Rants and Raves | June 2, 2021

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Andy Worth letter: Needless COVID-19 deaths – I agree with Andy Worth; these were needless deaths, as were many during the past year. Wonder how many more must die before they realize they have been deceived by ambitious fear-mongering politicians spreading conspiracy theories.

Michael Regan column: Waking up to the truth about the Wuhan biolab – The COVID virus did not “escape.” It was released. That is an act of war on the whole world. They must be forced to pay for all of the pain, suffering and death they have caused.

Michael Regan column: Waking up to the truth about the Wuhan biolab – Whether this scourge began in nature or in a biolab, two things are clear. It has absolutely nothing to do with American Asian/Pacific Islanders! And if all Americans did their part, we might have saved half of those lost!

GOP blocks bipartisan probe of deadly Jan. 6 riot at Capitol – GOP votes down Jan. 6 riot commission. What are they trying to hide, cover up or afraid of? Obviously there is something there they don’t want us to know. Basically they’re holding back the truth to protect Trump again. Why?

Arizona GOP looks to limit critical race theory training – Critical Race Theory is discussing what happened before America was even established. CRT is not really American history. America was created to protect citizens for race and religion. CRT was before the Bill of Rights, should not be American history.

A new military memorial coming in downtown Kingman – God bless this endeavor. With tearful eyes, thinking of my many uncles/cousins who fought in World War II. Especially big, robust Uncle Don, Army sergeant who stormed a Normandy beach. Later, too painful, he became pensive, couldn’t speak of the details.

Biden thanks troops ahead of holiday – Biden got five draft deferments; no Vietnam War for him. You probably won’t see this as the press only puts out Trump’s deferments. Difference is Biden never worked, stayed in government. Trump gave his all to building buildings and America.

Kingman veteran receives tiny home of his own – The home might be tiny but your hearts are very big. I’ve seen these tiny homes up close and they serve a great purpose, not the least of which is a place of your own to lie down in. Bravo!

I know there are people, a very small percentage, that have valid medical reasons for not getting vaccinated, but when there is no proven scientific reason for not getting vaccinated, only wild conspiracy theories, why isn’t everyone vaccinated?

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