Rants and Raves | June 4, 2021

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Why isn’t everyone vaccinated rant – For the same reason some skip seatbelts, smoke, or eat too much despite laws and warnings. We are all free to make our own decisions about what we do or do not do with our bodies. Mind your own business!

Mark Lamber column: Private businesses not likely liable for unmasked, unvaccinated customers – Businesses may still require patrons to wear masks. Reasonable people will understand and comply with this simple request. It protects our neighbors who may be vulnerable to the dangers of unvaccinated people.

Mark Lamber column: Private businesses not likely liable for unmasked, unvaccinated customers – To all Kingman businesses that have dropped the mask mandate and welcomed back their customers, thank you. You have tossed fear to the curb and allowed us all to start living freely again. Now, what about the other businesses?

Andy Worth letter: Needless Deaths – There are many volunteers for the Russian roulette approach to COVID-19, who can be seen enjoying their freedom all over this country. At this time, there’s an abundance of sorry tales regarding those who played the game and lost.

COVID-19 claims the lives of 3 more Mohave County residents – Be a good citizen, think of your fellow Americans, protect yourself and others who fell victim to false conspiracy theories, and get vaccinated! This enemy knows no boundaries, and now, the unvaccinated are at risk.

When will the Democrats and the mainstream media acknowledge the fact that COVID-19 was a diversion to distract the American people from election fraud?

COVID-19 cases in Mohave County tick upward – We continue to lose lives to COVID-19. Last week, nationally, more than 4,000 deaths; more than 9/11. And those who refuse to do their part masking, distancing and getting vaccinated were waving their flags for Memorial Day. Tragic!

Local veteran receives tiny home of his own – Wonderful! What a great idea for our homeless vets and homeless residents. With donated labor, it’s also cost effective, and a blessing for our fellow Americans who have fallen on hard times! Good job to all involved!

So thankful Kingman Regional Medical Center Imaging Center has a Catch it Early fund which paid the co-pay for my routine mammogram. It was such a blessing to hear about this fund. As always my annual mammogram there was a pleasant experience.

Former county manager lands giant catfish on Lake Mohave – Nice catch, Mike. They say every day fishing adds two days to life.

GOP blocks probe of violent Jan. 6 riot – Four people didn’t die and this was not an insurrection. Please stop the lies. There’s already many ongoing investigations; this one designed to cover up what Dems are really doing. When will the open border/children dying/cartels abound investigation begin?

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