Rants and Raves | June 6, 2021

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GOP blocks probe of Jan. 6 riot – The rioters at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were not acting as patriots. A patriot is a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. The rioters were trespassers, looters and militants.

New grand jury seated for next step of Trump probe – Trump, one of our greatest presidents, with an IQ off the charts, can come back and take the left and their Marxism out. This terrifies them so they endlessly pursue him. Ultimately, on God’s side, Trump wins and the Marxists lose.

U.S. taps groups to pick asylum-seekers to come into our country – How about they seek asylum somewhere else? We’re worn out, Biden’s destroying us, most at our border make it through illegally; Border Patrol too thin to catch them all. We’ve lost the rule of law and our way of life. Thanks, Biden.

Hopes high for $5B gas processing plant – Bringing jobs to our county is great. However, has anyone noticed our country is sharply veering away from fossil fuels? Seems like this project/idea is years behind. Pretty typical of Mohave County.

A lifelong Republican voter, I find the tactics taken by many of today’s Republicans troublesome. Constant attacks on the media, blaming foes for troubles and whipping crowds into frenzies are reminiscent of the tactics of fascist European leaders in the 1930s.

Mind your own business rant – Three more dead, two in their 50s, and one in there 20s just last week. Over 20,000 recorded infected in the county and “it’s my right to infect other people and die if I choose?” Freedom to run a red light and kill pedestrians in the crosswalk? Makes perfect sense to me.

GOP blocks probe of Jan. 6 riot – Four people did die. Others were severely injured such as a policeman losing his eye. Property was damaged, work was disrupted. Quit deluding yourself and face the music. Actions have consequences. Remember 33 probes on Benghazi?

When will the Democrats and the mainstream media admit that COVID-19 was a distraction rant – A fact is something that has actual existence. Facts are supported by evidence. Evidence shows that COVID-19 is a pandemic that has caused tremendous heartache around the world. It’s only role in politics is for those who misrepresent the facts.

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