Rants and Raves | June 11, 2021

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William Ressegue letter: Too much debt – I agree with Mr. Ressegue. However, I wonder when we will make Congress stop overspending and start paying down the debt? Also, are we the American people ready for the extreme pain that will be associated with doing so?

Critical race theory – The idea espoused by Trump that lefties are indoctrinating students is pure propaganda. Obviously he never worked with kids from low socio-economic households. I taught history and I’ll tell you I couldn’t indoctrinate them to bring a pencil and sit down.

Molly Absolon column: Explore the West, escape the crowds – Unable to do what Molly does, I’ve discovered sitting in my own large front yard filled with flowers, antiques, beautiful 70-year-old trees, gorgeous mountain view and many birds and animals gives me the same peace Molly feels. Innovate!

Moved to Kingman and was disrespected because I came from California. I’m here to tell you, you’ll be getting the dregs and unemployed gang members in droves. I am moving to greener pastures. Have fun. You deserve each other!

Former KMS teacher charged in connection with bomb threat – Wow! I don’t know which is worse? This, or teaching children about sex and homosexuality in first grade and that white people are all racist scum who need to apologize to everyone else. Homeschooling is looking better every day.

Former KMS teacher charged in connection with bomb threat – Working in education turns good people crazy. The stress has drastic effects on individuals. I worked in the field and witnessed many teachers regress into adolescent behaviors. I’m not a right-winger but the education system is broken and corrupt.

Arizona small game hunting season – As a child here, we hunted cottontail and quail, and ate them as we were poor. I could never shoot one now; I regularly feed the beautiful quail, birds and rabbits in my yard. Do people really shoot and eat squirrels? Yuk!

$1B in grants to go to broadband on tribal land – This $1B was in Biden’s COVID relief bill? OK, but watch Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland. She opposed Keystone Pipeline; wants dismantling of fossil fuel industry, backed AOC’s Green New Deal, wants 100% green energy, net zero carbon emissions. Nutcase!

Supervisors OK tax credit for gas-processing plant – How many times have we heard that some outside entity is coming to town and gonna bring lots of high paying jobs? Hearing this fairy tale again about the proposed gas plant. Obsolete technology and pollution. Yay Mohave County! Not.

Andy Worth letter: Needless deaths – I’m 78 years old, had COVID and lived. My 91-year-old friend did also. Sadly, lefties refuse to print any good news; the very reason Kari Lake quit Fox 10 and is running for Arizona governor. I recommend not vaccinating children.

U.S. economy adds 599,000 jobs in May with unemployment rate falling below 6%. Great news for America!

Capitol Police and their families are demanding accountability for Jan. 6 attack in light of congressional Republicans obviously being unwilling to find out truth.

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