Miner Editorial | Why not get Dad a shot for Father’s Day?

Today will be a sad Father’s Day for many Americans. A lot of people lost their elderly dads in the past year.

In addition to the usual scourges of cancer and heart disease, etc., the world has been plagued with a deadly coronavirus, and it’s taken a toll on the nation’s elderly.

They don’t keep statistics on how many fathers have died before their time from COVID-19. But more than 600,000 Americans have perished, so there will be no shortage of adult children reminiscing and missing their newly and dearly departed dads today.

At first it seemed like it came down to fate. All you could do to protect yourself was to stay away from crowds, wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your fingers crossed.

But now, you control your own fate, and, perhaps, the fate of a stubborn or reluctant father.

The government and the medical community have teamed to provide vaccines that truly keep the reaper away. But many people, including some older adults who are most susceptible to the ravages of the disease, are reluctant to take the jab.

When you read that elderly people are still dying from COVID-19 when vaccines are readily available, it seems both sad and senseless. Why didn’t they get inoculated? Why didn’t someone talk some sense to them?

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who still has a dad, sign him up for a shot for Father’s Day.

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