Rants and Raves | June 20, 2021

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Billy Rogers letter: Volunteer seeks dumpster – Regarding the garage that squatters and homeless have scattered, where is enforcement? Is Kingman headed for the path of other cities where tents, trash and needles litter our properties, streets and parks? Please don’t let that happen here!

Gas prices in Kingman rant – I drive 300 miles a day as an independent contractor courier. Twenty cents a gallon adds up to a week’s groceries or my internet and streaming bill for the month. I gas up cheaper in Havasu; cheaper still in Bullhead.

Secretary of State hopeful Finchem: ‘Trump won’ – Wow, another coo coo bird. As a life-long conservative I will not be voting for anyone that has the smell of Trump on them.

Phoenix woman steals lottery tickets, fuel in Dolan Springs – This pretty woman has lost her way. She needs a lot of prayer before she ends up really hurting herself or someone else more than she already has.

Maricopa County recount – Curious that in this recount, driven by Republican partisans, that only the presidential votes are scrutinized. How can votes for Republican wins on the very same ballots be trusted as secure? Perhaps those wins deserve some serious scrutiny as well?

Sahara Sajjaedi letter: All Eyes on Sinema – Climate change is a hoax. Try proving it. You can’t because it doesn’t exist; only in the minds of left-wingers who believe every lying word CNN, MSNBC and Schumer- Pelosi types shove in their faces with no legitimate backup.

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