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Fri, Jan. 28

Community View | Infrastructure bill should protect against electromagnetic pulses

The news is abuzz with the trillion dollar Infrastructure Bill that has little to do with "infrastructure" but a lot of what can only be called pork. Like the COVID-19 relief bill, it will have little to do with what the name implies but it does follow the liberal mantra of: "There ain't no end to doin' good when you're spendin' somebody else's money"! If this truly is an "Infrastructure Bill" for once, I would like to see a portion go to protecting the "grid" from Electromagnetic Pulse. It is said that if a single high-yield warhead was detonated over Omaha, Nebraska at the right altitude it would put the lights out from Maine to San Diego for a very long time. The effect on the American people would be catastrophic. It's estimated that 90% of the population would be dead in less than a year. Now I am sure Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will agree that that is slightly more important than daycare for welfare mothers. If the cost of total protection of the grid was even a quarter of the proposed spending the money would be well spent. An EMP attack is tailor-made for an enemy like North Korea or Iran that can't attack us in a conventional sense but has that capability to put a nuclear weapon in orbit to be detonated at an opportune time. It would be a perfect diversion to take us out while they attack South Korea or Saudi Arabia. The Democrats, right now, have the purse strings in their control in the House, they have the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris presiding and the executive branch with our hapless empty suit president who does exactly what he is told. The question is will they step up and deal with the threat or will they use an EMP attack to surrender us to our enemies. God only knows but I do not trust them!

(Michael Pacer is a resident of Kingman.)

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