Rants and Raves | June 27, 2021

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Supervisor Jean Bishop appointed to Arizona Criminal Justice Commission – Good luck to Jean Bishop in this endeavor. She will be an asset to the commission, for sure!

Supervisor Jean Bishop appointed to Arizona Criminal Justice Commission – Congratulations to Supervisor Jean Bishop who along with Supervisors Gary Watson and Buster Johnson remained the voices of reason throughout the pandemic last year. A well-deserved appointment for her dedicated history of public service and clear-eyed judgment.

Michael Pacer Community View: Infrastructure bill should protect against electromagnetic pulses – Writer claims the infrastructure bill is all about pork. Really? Has he read all of the thousands of pages in the bill? Even if it is pork, perhaps it’s time to spend on Americans. You know, America First.

I want Calico’s restaurant to open again.

Biden’s anti-crime effort takes on law-breaking gun dealers – Joe, get a grip. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a people problem. Perhaps if our new Marxist government didn’t go against all things Christian, prayer would be brought back into schools?

Andy Worth letter: We need free and fair elections, not dictators – We have fair elections, minus Democrat fraud. To prevent populous states from overriding interests of smaller states, we do not use the popular vote. Most states, however, do independently use popular vote. Larger states get more electoral votes overall.

Secretary of State hopeful Finchem: ‘Trump won’ – I googled “massive fraud evidence in Trump election.” I found fraud evidence headlines and read the articles. They all included statements like “allegedly,” “reported that” and “testified.” There was not a single statement of verification. I am a Republican voter.

Arizona Senate passes budget – Vouchers allow children the flexibility to attend private schools. The money is our tax dollars, and we should have the choice. Witnessing the public schools focus on Critical Race Theory, my support goes to the private schools that don’t indoctrinate our children.

I was a history teacher. Critical race theory is not taught! I’m curious what is actually supposed to be taught to middle and high school kids regarding the history of this country since apparently their parents can’t handle the truth.

Fire destroys Wikieup Trading Post – Seriously? People are calling firefighters names and belittling them? If they were so concerned about the building, maybe they should have done something to help, instead of insulting those who were trying to put out the fire.

In Arizona only 37% of population has been vaccinated, which is well below the U.S. average. Come on, Arizonans. Get with the program, and get vaccinated for your loved ones.

Border Patrol chief who supported wall leaves job – God bless you, sir! Pathetic is the only word to describe Kamala’s phony El Paso trip today, filled with lies like they inherited the mess? Trump fixed the mess. They just destroyed it. Welcome to the new Ellis Island. Sick and sad.

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