Rants and Raves | June 30, 2021

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Mohave County logs 73 new COVID cases – Now that nobody is wearing masks, good old COVID-19 is once again infecting hundreds in our county. So with a few thousand infected and the more deadly Delta strain we will continue to see totally needless sickness and death.

(If) Trump is reinstated, I want Gen. Flynn to be vice president. I do not trust Mike Pence.

Are the Democrats destroying America, or are they just stupid? Answer: They are not stupid.

Michael Reagan column: Did I really hear Joe Biden say that? – No, Michael Reagan, once again you have skewed a remark into an extremist right-wing fear tactic. And smiling through the lies all the way to the bank!

Biden vows to evacuate thousands of Afghans who helped U.S. – Thank you, President Biden, for doing the right thing and saving those Afghans whose lives are endangered due to their loyalty to our troops when we needed their help. America should not leave its friends behind.

COVID variant confirmed in Arizona – I hope all those unvaccinated get their vaccine now. The variant is here and is attacking those unprotected. This is a matter of public health and safety. Do the smart thing for yourselves and your families and get the vaccine.

Mohave County logs 73 new COVID cases, 1 death in 48-hour period – To those unvaccinated out there, please do your part. Those now getting sick and dying are those who have resisted or been fearful of vaccination. The number of cases is rising! The time to save yourselves and others is now.

Arizona election audit enters new phase – And what phase is that? The phase where they make up some completely ridiculous and unfounded claim? This was a sham and a shame!

Joe Guzzardi column: Migration’s root causes identified: Biden and Harris – Harris taking credit for finding “why” people are coming from triangle states? First, they are coming from 135 countries. And they are coming because your administration invited them all to come to get Democratic voters.

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