Rants and Raves | March 3, 2021

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Mohave County Supervisors tackle full agenda – Why on Earth do Assessor’s Office employees need to drive Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers? There must be suitable vehicles they can drive that don’t cost $40,000 apiece. Probably could even buy them in Mohave County and support local businesses.

Editorial cartoon: We Can Do It – Yes we can! This is the light at the end of this dark and deadly tunnel! Had my first shot and get the second this week. Feeling fine, and grateful to a benevolent universe that gave us science!

Becky Fawson op-ed: We must protect our groundwater – Excellent column by Becky Fawson regarding protection of our groundwater. It’s heartening to see the proactive stance that Kingman (Area) Chamber of Commerce and (State Rep. Regina Cobb (R-Kingman) are taking regarding this critical issue.

Arizona grocery workers fret about unmasked shoppers – If you’re shopping in any store you should respect their policies, and not accost or threaten their workers for asking you to follow them. It’s not about your freedom. It’s about respect for the rights of others!

Rant about death toll in Mohave County from COVID-19 – Can we stop with the preaching to wear a mask? I think we have all heard the advice ad infinitum and have made our choices.

Reopen recycling center – I make a daily effort to recycle my papers, plastic bottles and cans even to the point of going down to Bullhead City to do so. It would be nice for Kingman to reopen a center to keep recyclables out of landfills.

2nd former aide accuses NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment – Same man who spent the year writing a book about how he himself is so great but allowed thousands of seniors to die. Then denied it and blamed others. He shouldn’t be governor; he should be in jail.

Biden tax returns rant – Didn’t take long for Biden bashing. For the Rant about what Biden’s tax returns would show – apparently, nothing, since they have been released to public for months. Even anti-Biden tax experts couldn’t find anything suspicious.

Biden tax returns rant – He released 22 years of tax returns. How many years did Trump release? Zero.

Investigation of election – To my understanding the proof has been out there but no judge had the guts to be the one to listen. So many ways this election went wrong and everyone that has come forward or questioned it was threatened.

Grand Canyon Protection Act – Thank you Congressman Gosar for opposing the “Grand Canyon Protection Act.” Depending on foreign resources is bad. The last year we saw shortages for things like PPEs, face masks, that we had to get offshore.

Don Martin column: What’s happening to javelina herds in Unit 18B? – Mr. Martin refers to javelinas as “pigs.” That is incorrect. They are collared peccaries, more related to a hippo than a pig.

Trial set for parents of boy who starved to death – He and brother kept in closet 18 hours daily; dead 6-year-old weighed 16 pounds? They were starved for trying to get food? I’d say starvation for parents/grandmother should be their punishment.

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