Rants and Raves | March 5, 2021

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Gov. Abbott of Texas announced the end of Texas mask mandates and allowing all business to operate at 100% capacity. People and businesses don’t need the state telling them how to operate any longer. Our governor needs to do the same.

Shame, shame, shame. I am a 21-year U.S. Marine vet, 2 1/2 years in Vietnam. Watched CBS News on Feb. 26 where military families don’t have enough food. What does this say about our leaders in Washington?

Congressman Paul Gosar op-ed: The Grand Canyon is a national landmark and should be protected. Congressman Gosar is wrong not to recognize that.

Hooray! Thank you so much for some good news on this (COVID) front. Also, your continued coverage is appreciated.

Hey everyone, have you heard? Arizona is lowering the age for the COVID vaccine to 55-plus. Does anyone know the directions to Arizona? I live in Kingman and have no idea what’s going on with the vaccine here.

Eugene Ted Wolff obituary – Mr. Wolff was an exceptional teacher! He was a positive role model that cared about the learning and well-being of his students. He will be missed!

FBI chief calls Jan. 6 attack on capitol domestic terrorism – Wray was a huge disappointment to President Trump; one of but a few bad calls he made. Should have dumped Wray a long time ago. Wray either doesn’t get it or plays stupid on purpose.

Mohave County downwinders get justice at last – Kudos to Greg Stanton for championing these victims! Protection and help have been long coming for downwinders and their families!

Herd immunity – How many people have immunity to COVID-19? Add together those who have been vaccinated plus the difference of the total number of cases minus those who have died. Herd immunity is closer than most think.

Kingman Diet Tip: What about fasting, skipping meals? – A healthy lifestyle should include exercise. Walking is easy for most and for those with physical limitations, swimming is also excellent. Schedule time to do this every day and you will quickly see a difference in stamina and muscle tone.

The left is attacking just about everything. Now Dr. Seuss is racist. Give me a break! Why don’t you idiots move to China or Russia and let the rest of us enjoy America while we still have it?

Senate Democrats sorting out $1.9T virus relief bill – Biden’s roll out? This bill should be for coronavirus help, period, not a Dems’ totally nuts wish list.

End the filibuster now – Democrats pull every dirty trick in the book. Voting at 3 a.m. when the country sleeps, making new voting laws at election time without constitutionally required legislation, impeaching a POTUS after he’s gone, Obama presidency spying on Trump.

Investigation of election – Much of the evidence that’s been presented for a stolen election has been shown to be hyperbole from the dissatisfied side. As for any remaining evidence, no judge is needed. Present the actual evidence to the court of public opinion.

Arizona bill limits sex education, discussion of sexual orientation – What priorities these legislators have! Colorado lowered it’s teen pregnancy rates considerably, and abortion rates by 57%, by having adequate sex education in their schools.

Bill purging early voter list clears Senate – With the pandemic not behind us, and vaccine distribution inefficient at best, the GOP in Arizona focuses instead on voter suppression! No surprise. They don’t win when everyone gets to vote.

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