Rants and Raves | March 7, 2021

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Kingman area loses 4 more residents to COVID-19 – More deaths yet a small number of residents get to recall the mayor for attempting to save lives! We will never know how many people we could have saved this past year if everyone would have done their part!

Social Contact Club welcomes ‘constitutional sheriff’ to Kingman – Law enforcement officials that personally decide which laws to follow are far from “constitutional.” They choose to abuse their power and positions to assert their personal ideologies. That’s not law and order; it’s exactly the opposite.

Recall effort for Mayor Jen Miles advances to election – So, 2,367 ungrateful folks get to decide to spend $65,000-$75,000 on a recall of a mayor who simply wanted to save lives in Kingman. Shame that a minority misinformed mob can cause such a travesty! I’m with Jen!

Recall effort for Mayor Jen Miles advances to election – This recall election will cost Kingman taxpayers $65,000-$75,000. This money could have been used to fix potholes and crumbling city streets but now will be wasted to recall a mayor who was only trying to protect her constituents.

Recall effort for Mayor Jen Miles advances to election – Our city needing road repair and sidewalks, with first responders stretched, has to spend at least $65,000 because the right-wingers are upset they have to wear a mask that is proven to slow the COVID virus.

Recall effort for Mayor Jen Miles advances to election – Recalling Mayor Jen Miles because of mask mandate is ignorant. All she did was try to protect citizens. No one wanted to wear seat belts but it proved to save lives; now everyone wears them. Everyone should be wearing masks.

Arizona bill limits sex education/orientation before fifth grade – Great news! School isn’t the place for either of these at any age; this is the parents’ responsibility. Can you only imagine this being taught 50 years ago? How about teaching our true, great founding?

There’s $1.9 trillion in the relief package. We are getting $1,400 each, and even if they gave to every one of us 330-plus million people, who gets the other $1.4 trillion?

Only Democrat traitors would waste time and money to bring thousands of COVID-infected illegal immigrants to flood the welfare rolls and criminals to flood our jails. What kind of fool would vote Democrat?

United Methodist conservatives detail plans for a breakaway – God makes it very clear in Romans. We’re not to practice homosexuality/lesbianism (women lying with women, men with men, doing that which is unseemly). He created us man and woman. You are what you were born forever.

The March 4 conspiracy theory was a totally bogus attempt to keep martial law in place at the nation’s capitol for whatever sinister reasons the Dems have. They are a party of disgusting power-grabbers determined to destroy America.

Writers on the Range – Thanks for adding the Writers on the Range columns the last few months. They are not always relevant to the high desert, but they tend to be interesting and of importance to the Western States.

Arizona lowers age for COVID-19 to 55 at two locations – I’m over age 65. Can’t get a COVID shot. Everything is booked. Now the state wants to make it even harder by putting more people into the mix.

Republicans in Congress trying to rewrite history when it comes to insurrection at capitol and now state Republicans are trying to restrict voting for minorities and low-income citizens. What happened to democracy?

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