Rants and Raves | March 12, 2021

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Road paving – When you build a home you pay for the roads to be paved. The city contracts that they will now maintain the road. That’s the agreement you and the city have made. You have upheld your part! Not the city.

Recall effort for Mayor Jen Miles advances to election – The thing I like about the recall of Jen Miles is that it shows all politicians that they are not untouchable. That they will be held responsible for their bad decisions! Next, our two unbeloved senators!

Recall effort for Mayor Jen Miles advances to election – I, too, vote for each person signing the petition to recall Mayor Miles pay their share of the $65,000-$75,000 price tag. Surely each of these activists can afford that 28 bucks. Thank you for being so community responsible.

Those against the COVID relief package, just refuse that $1,400. Write “return to sender” on the envelope or if direct deposited, write out a check payable to U.S. Treasury Department. Address 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20220. Thank you.

March is Social Work Month. Thank you to all the social workers who work so hard to make the world a better place.

I had an appointment for COVID-19 vaccine. It was canceled and I have no way of rescheduling it. The only counties Arizona is doing anything for are Maricopa and Pima.

Even though Trump played down COVID-19 he and Melania didn’t refuse the vaccination. They received it before they left the White House. What a total hypocrite. He refused to wear mask. They shouldn’t have been allowed to get vaccinated.

A big thanks to the person or persons who paid for our meal at a Kingman restaurant on March 5. We are seniors in our 80s and have never experienced kindness like that before. Only in America. God bless you.

Our country is in a death spiral. It started a few administrations ago and is now out of control. Beavis and Butthead are determined to destroy all that America stands for and give the most undeserving all that the deserving have worked for.

Fun fact. Nearly $30 trillion in national debt. The U.S. is broke. Enjoy those stimulus checks. The day of reckoning is coming.

Biden and the border – Not only is Biden condemning states for opening up, he is opening up our border to more chaos. Doing it just because it was Trump policy, not because it is wise. Democrats will ruin this country for years.

Next, our voting laws. As if the fake COVID package couldn’t be worse, beware their planned voting bill which will definitely mean no Republican will ever be elected again. Meanwhile, no State of the Union, VP makes head of state calls. Unbelievable !

U.K. royals absorb shock of Harry/Meghan interview – Poor Harry and Meghan. He an Englishman, her Canadian, big-time Trump haters, come and use our country to live in, spew their sob story. In my pale Irish family, we say, hope the baby isn’t too white or light.

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